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The following is a list of Collection Items in the Game Boy Advance and Mobile versions of Tales of Phantasia, as listed in the Collector's Book. All items exclusive to the Japanese releases are highlighted with a gray background.

Item Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
© Henseiki
"© Voice Changer"
- ?

Event: Ifreed's Treasure, island northeast of the Tower of Flames

  • enables the option to choose Mint's voice
Curio's Mirror
© Curio no Kagami
- 5

Event: Trade a "Glossy Magazine" at Morrison's Manor to Curio (Future)

Red Card
© Red Card
- 5

Event: Talk to the female ninja near the general store in Ninja Village while Cress has the "Champion" title equipped. (Future)

Green Card
© Green Card
- 5

Event: Talk to the man in Venezia's "Waterfront" store, and he'll hand the card over for a Melon and Kelp (Future)

Blue Card
© Blue Card
- 1000

Event: Talk to the person in the "Ice Coffee" shop in Friezkiel. Pay him 50000 gald and he'll hand it over (Future)

Yellow Card
© Yellow Card
- 5

Event: Talk to the man in the "3AM" shop in Arlee. Answer his questions in this order: 2, 3, 4. He'll give the card (Future)

White Card
© White Card
- 100

Event: Trade a Brown Card with the woman at Freyland's northern oasis (Future)

Brown Card
© Brown Card
- 25

Event: Trade a Black Card with a girl near the window at the top of Euclid Castle. (Future)

Black Card
© Black Card
- 5

Event: Talk to the robed man near Miguel's item shop and listen to his explanation on Collectibles (Future)

Statue of Bravery
© B no Chouzou
- 1500

Event: Talk to the boy in Friezkiel's inn after obtaining the items in the "Gilgamesh" sidequest. (Future)

Statue of Justice
© J no Chouzou
- 1500

Chest: Floor 8 of Dwarven Ruins (Future)

Statue of Friendship
© F no Chouzou
- 1500

Chest: Morrison's House, 2nd floor. It's on the bed, beneath the covers (Future)

Statue of Love
© L no Chouzou
- 1500

Event: Buy the Combo Command from Ten at Gheeth's Shop, and he'll include the Statue of Love with your purchase (Future)

Statue of Dreams
© D no Chouzou
- 1500

Event: Complete the "Piano Teacher" sidequest in Venezia (Future)

Special Flag
© S Flag
- 765

Event: Prize in the Mach Lad race in Alvanista (Future)