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The following is a list of gems (宝石 houseki?) in the PlayStation, Full Voice Edition, and iOS releases of Tales of Phantasia, organized in the order that they appear within the "Collector's Book".

Accessory Name
Rune Bottle
Purchase Price (Gald)
Resale Price (Gald)
Acquisition Method
-9999 &a &a -9999 -9999 &a
287 Stone Weight
Pickles Stone
- - ?

Past Chests: Treantwood
Drop: Aza, Air Giant, Ogre, Troll

288 Black Onyx
Moon Crystal - 10600

Past Chests: Morlia Mineshaft, Treantwood
Future Chests: Cave of Ice
Drop: Jahmir, Lilith
Event: Ifreed's quest, shore north of Valhalla Plains
Rune Bottle: Moon Crystal

  • increases max HP by 30%
289 Mist Orb
White Mist
Magic Mist 5000 2500

Past Shops: Venezia City, Alvanista, Olive, Elf Colony, Midgards
Future Shops: Miguel, Euclid, Venezia City, Alvanista, Elf Colony, Olive, Friezkiel, Arlee
Past Chests: Dhaos's Castle
Future Chests: Lone Valley

  • increases escape speed by 30%
290 Magic Mist
- - ?

Rune Bottle: Mist Orb

  • increases escape speed by 50%
291 Moon Crystal
Black Onyx - 10600

Past Chests: Treantwood
Future Chests: Tower of Flames
Event: Ifreed's quest, valley southwest of Friezkiel
Rune Bottle: Black Onyx

  • increases max TP by 30%
9999 ~z ~z 9999 9999 ~z