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The following is a list of other (その他 sonohoka?) accessories in the PlayStation, Full Voice Edition, and iOS releases of Tales of Phantasia, organized in the order that they appear within the "Collector's Book". All elements exclusive to the PlayStation and Full Voice Edition releases are highlighted with a gray background.

Accessory Name
Rune Bottle
Purchase Price (Gald)
Resale Price (Gald)
Acquisition Method
-9999 &a &a -9999 -9999 &a
299 Earring
- - -

Event: Sleep at Arlee's inn after obtaining the Eternal Sword.

  • increases defense and accuracy by 20 points
  • nullifies non-elemental spell damage
  • this accessory can only be equipped by Mint
300 Combo Command
- - ?

Future Shops: Gheeth's Shop

  • enables the ablility to set Manual control over the equipped character
  • enables the ability to perform artes through fighting game-like controls
  • this accessory can only be equipped by Cress, Chester, and Suzu
301 Wall Break
- - ?


- Defeat the Mach Man in the Alvanista racing game (future timeline)
- Ifreed's quest, light spot east of Arlee
  • 50% chance to nullify earth-elemental damage
302 Magic Pouch
Mystic Pouch - ?

Future Chests: Dhaos's Castle

  • enables a chance to obtain random items in dungeons
303 Mystic Pouch
Magical Pouch
- - ?

Event: Complete the Euclid Battle Tournament for the seventh time.
Rune Bottle: Magic Pouch

  • enables a chance to obtain random items in dungeons
304 Copy Patch
Utsushimi Shippu
- - ?

Future Chests: Ninja Village

  • enables an afterimage effect in battle
9999 ~z ~z 9999 9999 ~z