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The following is a list of collection items in the PlayStation, Full Voice Edition, and iOS releases of Tales of Phantasia, organized in the order that they appear in the "Collector's Book".

Accessory Name Purchase Price (Gald) Resale Price (Gald) Acquisition Method
305 !Curio's Mirror
© Curio no Kagami
- 5

Event: Trade a Magazine book to Curio in Morrison's Home (future timeline)

  • PSX and FVE versions only: enables the ability to use super-deformed sprites for party display in the Customize menu
306 !Red Card
© Red Card
- 5

Event: Talk to Okayo in the Ninja Village with Cress's Champion title equipped (future timeline)

307 !Green Card
© Green Card
- 5

Event: Give Melon and Kelp food items to the collector in Venezia's grocer (future timeline)

308 !Blue Card
© Blue Card
- 1000

Event: Purchase for 50000 Gald from the collector in Friezkiel (future timeline)

309 !Yellow Card
© Yellow Card
- 5

Event: Talk to the craftsman in Arlee and answer 2, 3, 4 to his questions (future timeline)

310 !Black Card
© Black Card
- 100

Event: Talk to the robed woman outside of Miguel's inn (future timeline)

311 !Brown Card
© Brown Card
- ?

Event: Trade the !Black Card to a girl on Euclid Castle's third floor (future timeline)

312 !White Card
© White Card
- 5

Event: Trade the !Brown Card to a collector in Freyland's northern oasis (future timeline)

313 !Idol of Bravery
© B no Chouzou
- 1500

Event: Obtain Cress's Gilgamesh title (future timeline)

314 !Idol of Justice
© J no Chouzou
- 1500

Event: Defeat Flamberge in the Tower of Flames and open the red chest first (future timeline)

315 ???
© F no Chouzou
- ?

Future Chest: Treantwood Depths

316 !Idol of Love
© L no Chouzou
- 1500

Event (PSX/FVE): Purchase the Combo Command accessory in Gheeth's Shop

Event (iOS): ???

317 !Idol of Dreams
© D no Chouzou
- 1500

Event: Obtain Mint's Piano Teacher title

306 !Special Flag
© S Flag
- 765

Event: Beat the Mach Lad in Alvanista's racing mini-game (future timeline)