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The following is a list of end-game bonuses that can be carried into a new consecutive playthrough in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Instead of using Gald, all options are purchased with Grade, which is obtained or lost at the end of battle, based on performance.

Option Name Purchase Price (Grade) Function
Skills 250
  • Retain learned skills.
Play Time 20
  • Retain play time.
30 Items 150
  • Hold up to 30 of each item.
Items 110
  • Retain gels, ingredients, and other durable goods.
Gald 200
  • Retain Gald.
Recipes 50
  • Retain learned recipes (and titles obtained from recipes).
Titles 50
  • Retain obtained titles.
Monster Book 10
  • Retain Monster Book data.
Battle Info 10
  • Retain battle information such as encounters, and maximum hits.
Artes 350
  • Retain learned artes.
Maximum HP 50
  • Start game with 500 more HP (except monsters).
  • Cannot be used with “Minimum HP.”
Minimum HP 10
  • Start with 160 maximum HP.
  • Cannot be used with “Maximum HP.”
Combos 50
  • Increase BONUS at the cost of earning 1 base EXP.
  • Cannot be used with “1/2 EXP,” "2x EXP," or “10x EXP.”
1/2 EXP 10
  • EXP reduced to 1/2.
  • Cannot be used with "Combos," “2x EXP,” or “10x EXP."
2x EXP 300
  • EXP increased by 2 times.
  • Cannot be used with "Combos," “1/2 EXP,” or “10x EXP.”
10x EXP 2000
  • EXP increased by 10 times.
  • Cannot be used with "Combos," “1/2 EXP,” or “2x EXP.”
Grade 20
  • Receive more Grade in battles.
Monsters 200
  • Retain befriended monsters.
2x Damage 150
  • Increase damage to both enemies and allies by 2 times for a speedy battle.
Skits 0
  • Retain skit collection data.