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The following is a list of trophies in Tales of Xillia 2. This game consists of 38 Bronze Trophies, 7 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy, for a total of 49 trophies at full completion.

Icon Trophy Name Trophy Type Description
Platinum Trophy (ToX2).png Xillia 2 Master
Platinum Proof that you've mastered TOX 2. Thanks for playing! We offer 17 years of thanks ~ from the TOX 2 team ~
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Monster Doctor
Bronze Proof that you recorded a record number of monsters! Yahoi!
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Item Crazy
Bronze Proof that you know so much more about Xillia 2's items that you forgot about everything else.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Hero Monster Vanquisher
Bronze Proof that you've defeated an extraordinary number of monsters. It's said that monsters now fear you.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Combo Emperor
Bronze You've reached the maximum combo count! The monster probably saw those spinning lanterns 10 times.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Link Artes Champion
Bronze An honor bestowed on those that have perfected link artes.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Chain Infinite
Bronze You've used link arte chains so many times there are no longer any words to describe you...
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Gigant Exterminator
Bronze You've defeated so many gigants that you've gone beyond gigant and megant to kilont.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png We Are As Cats
Bronze You've completed the Cat Dispatch item list! Nya!!!
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Shining Friend Jude
Bronze Your friendship with Jude is so deep it's beyond words.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Echoes of Milla
Bronze Your friendship with Milla is so deep that if you were asked "Mi?", you would answer "Lla-♪"
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Living and Breathing Alvin
Bronze Your friendship with Alvin is so deep that it could be a shining example of male bonding.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Forever with Elize
Bronze Your friendship with Elize is so deep that you'd go anywhere with her.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Rowen Army
Bronze Your friendship with Rowen is so deep that you can't help but yell "General!"
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Always with Leia!
Bronze Your friendship with Leia is so deep that you can no longer tell if you are Ludger or Leia.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Conquering with Gaius
Bronze Your friendship with Gaius is so deep that you could act as king in his place.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Muzét Muzét Muzét
Bronze Your friendship with Muzét is so deep that you can no longer refuse her demands.
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png Everyone's Friend
Silver Your friendship with everyone is so deep that you can't help but yell "I love everyone!"
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Which Ludger Transformation Level Was That?
Bronze Proof that you've used Ludger's transformation so often that you could do a 5 minute TV show on it every day. Extremely praiseworthy.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Living Legend of Focus Dodging
Bronze Proof that you've dodged so much that it's rumored that you were never even there.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Maxwell
Bronze Proof that you've used magic attacks very often. Maybe you never bothered using actual spells?
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Charged for Three Years
Bronze You've charged for so long, three years have passed. Now you can't even live without charging.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Tipo Bunshin no Jutsu
Bronze Proof that you used Teepo Switch so often that you could be considered a professional at it.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Fortissississississimo
Bronze Awarded to those who have conducted their way to the final stage and no longer need an encore.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Staff Extension Indignation
Bronze It's extended so far! If it were an udon noodle, it would have extended itself back into an udon packet.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Requiem of a Treasonous Gaius
Bronze You've used Revenger so often you're surrounded by corpses. Say a prayer for your dead enemies...
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Reavyorulter
Bronze You've used Reave Assault so often that you'll go down in history.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Mimic General
Bronze You used Ludger's support so often, you're better than the original!
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Who needs Raise Dead?
Bronze You almost no longer need Raise Dead, but perhaps that is your destiny.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Bind Queen
Bronze She binds from behind. She binds from in front. In other words, she'll bind from anywhere, even tomorrow and the day after that.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Breaker
Bronze Written as Destroyer, read as Breaker. Just like before.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Master of Absorption
Bronze You've absorbed so much that you find yourself copying voices of people you've seen.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Impervious Spell Master
Bronze The monsters are all saying "If he's going to guard this much, I don't need magic anymore!"
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png The Worst Donburi Shop
Bronze Items have spoiled so much, they've become donburi. The ingredients are a secret.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Physical Instructor
Bronze So much strength. And your covering ability is almost like your grandmother's. What kind of level is that?!
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Limousine
Bronze Proof that you've tractor moved so far and so often that enemies don't want to bother attacking you anymore.
Gold Trophy (ToX2).png I'm the Strongest
Gold You've reached the highest level! What's next?
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Teacher of Battle
Bronze A master who has earned many of the Beginner class of titles. There's different levels of masters though.
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png Celestial of Battle
Silver A master who has earned many of the Expert titles. You're 1 in a 1000.
Gold Trophy (ToX2).png Sunshine of Battle
Gold You've earned all the Beginner and Expert class titles. You're so bright it's hard to look at you.
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png Gambler
Silver You love gambling so much, you'd gamble your life away. A true gambler.
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png Kind Chromatus Suppressor
Silver Proof that you stuck to your morals and resisted using chromatus power.
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png A Clean Body
Silver Your diligence and persistence are super praise-worthy!
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png A Life of Passing the Buck
Silver This is one valid way of living. Hold your head high! Well... not that high.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png World Destroyer
Bronze Destroyed your first alternate world. There was no other choice...
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Victor
Bronze A title given to the strongest Shell user. This title is passed down by defeating the previous title holder.
Bronze Trophy (ToX2).png Blood-Stained Brothers
Bronze This is the path your older brother chose, to live his last moments in peace...
Gold Trophy (ToX2).png Bested the Adjudicator
Gold You carried his will on to the future. There's no regret in this decision.
Silver Trophy (ToX2).png Fate Repeater
Silver Is this fate doomed to repeat itself? The answer lies within you...