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A Partner Skill (パートナー固有サポート Paatonaa-koyuu Sapooto?, "Partner-specific Support") is a feature in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2 related to link system featured in the Dual-Raid and Cross Dual-Raid Linear Motion Battle Systems.


A partner skill is an ability that is intrinsic to a character. It will activate under certain conditions while that character is the support partner of a link, often having beneficial effects for the leader. In Tales of Xillia, the effects or activation chance of these skills can be enhanced by targeting types of certain enemies, though the function is downplayed in the sequel. Tales of Xillia 2 introduces the Support Shift (アルターサポート?, "Alter Support") skill that alters the effects of the partner skills, often sacrificing some benefits in favor of others. Both games feature a series of titles that can be earned by activating these skills a specific number of times.

Ability Name User Preferred
Enemy Types
Jude Mathis Power
  • leader of the link is knocked down
  • returns the leader to a standing position
  • heals 15% of max HP to the leader
    • healing is increased to 20% of max HP if the leader was knocked down by a Power-type enemy
  • 50% chance to revive a knocked-out link leader from KO with 15% of max HP healed
  • Support Shift (ToX2 only): restores TP instead of healing HP and reviving from KO
Milla Maxwell/Milla Speed
  • 2% chance to activate if the leader attacks an enemy while Milla is on the other side of it
  • chance increases to 20% against Speed-type enemies
  • prevents all movement and action by that enemy for 2 seconds
  • effect duration increases to 4 seconds for enemies afflicted by Stun
  • Support Shift (ToX2 only): decreases duration by 50% to inflict a status ailment related to the target's weakness
Alvin Guard (ToX)
Power (ToX2)
  • attack a guarding enemy
  • deals damage and inflicts Guard Break and Stun for 6 seconds
  • Support Shift (ToX2 only): reduces target's physical and artes defense by 30% instead of inflicting Stun
Item Steal
Leia Rolando Strange (ToX)
Magic (ToX2)
  • knock down an enemy while Leia is on the ground and neither member of the link is under attack
  • chance to steal an item from the downed enemy
    • chance increases when targeting the preferred enemy type
  • Leia can only steal once per enemy
  • Support Shift (ToX2 only): steals Gald instead of items
Teepo Drain
Tipo Drain
Elize Lutus Technical (ToX)
Speed (ToX2)
  • 2% chance to activate on the current target
  • chance increases by 5% if the link leader's HP is under 50% of max
  • chance increases by 5% if the target is a Boss-type enemy
  • chance increases by 15% if the target is of the preferred type
  • chance increases by 20% if the link leader's TP is under 50% of max
  • chance increases by 30% if the target is launched into the air
  • drains 10% of max HP and 5% of max TP for the link leader from the targeted enemy
  • Support Shift (ToX2 only): able to trigger when enemy is knocked down as opposed to launched into the air
Auto Magic Guard
Rowen J. Ilbert Magic
  • enemy casts an offensive spirit arte
  • automatically uses the Magic Guard action on Rowen and his link leader
  • link leader remains capable of acting during the effect
  • Support Shift (ToX2 only): decreases TP instead of HP when receiving damage
Ludger Will Kresnik -
  • same as the copied ability
  • copies the partner skill of the leader of Ludger's link but without any passive skill enhancements
Spread Force
Gaius -
  • receive an attack from an enemy
  • guards against the attack
  • enhances the next attack with the following attributes:
    • decreases TP cost by 25%
    • attack is treated as if it hits the enemy's weakness
    • break the enemy's Iron Stance if it is a physical attack
  • Support Shift: prevents actions from consuming AC for 5 seconds in exchange for losing all enhancements except for TP reduction
Support Warp
Tractor Move
Muzét -
  • perform a Front Step (Guard button + Left Stick Forward) or Backstep (Guard button + Left Stick Back) action
  • changes the Front Step action to a warp that moves the link leader in front of the current target
  • changes the Backstep action to a warp that moves the link leader far away from the current target
  • Support Shift: adds an attack effect to the enhanced Front Step in exchange for disabling the Backstep enhancement