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A Special Ability (特性 Tokusei?) is a feature in Tales of Xillia and Tales of Xillia 2.


A special ability is intrinsic to a character and allows them to perform special actions that help define their battle style. Their method of activation varies greatly between characters, and each character learns specific skills that aid and improve their respective special ability. The abilities do not change between Tales of Xillia and its sequel. There are also titles that can be earned by using abilities a specific number of times.

Ability Name User Activation
Snap Pivot
"Concentrated Evasion"
Jude Mathis
Milla Maxwell
  • dodge an enemy's attack with the Backstep action (Guard button + Left Stick Back)
  • Milla is able to use this ability through the Jude Sync (ウィズジュード?, "With Jude") skill while linked with Jude
  • instantly warp behind the attacking enemy
Spirit Shift
"Magical Strike Arte"
Milla Maxwell/Milla
Jude Mathis
  • press the Arte button for a short amount of time when using a spirit arte
  • Jude is able to use this ability through the Milla Sync (ウィズミラ?, "With Milla") skill
    • Jude's version automatically activates while linked with Milla
  • converts a spirit arte into a melee spirit-shifted arte
  • Jude's version alters specific martial artes into elemental spirit-shifted artes
  • hold down the Arte button after performing an arte
  • stores a charge that can be used to alter a normal martial arte into a stronger, charged arte version
Elongating Staff
"Life-Extending Staff Magic"
Leia Rolando
  • dodge an enemy's attack with the Backstep action (Guard button + Left Stick Back)
  • extends Leia's staff to allow for a larger attack range temporarily
Teepo Switching
Switching Tipo
Elize Lutus
  • perform the Taunt action (press the L3 (L3) button)
  • switches between two states: Teepo ON and Teepo OFF
  • during Teepo ON, Elize's spirit artes are enhanced and her normal attack is a ranged strike
  • during Teepo OFF, Elize's martial artes are enhanced and her normal attack is a melee strike
Arte Tuning
"Magic Aftertuning"
Rowen J. Ilbert
  • follow the button prompts after casting a spirit arte
  • costs half the TP of the original arte
  • allows Rowen to enhance his spirit artes after the arte has been cast
Weapon Swap
Weapon Shift
Ludger Will Kresnik
  • hold the L1 (L1) button and press either the R1 (R1) or R2 (R2) button
  • changes the type of weapon that Ludger is currently using in battle
  • the weapon order for R1 (R1) is Dual Blades > Sledgehammer > Dual Pistols > Dual Blades
  • the weapon order for R2 (R2) is Dual Blades > Dual Pistols > Sledgehammer > Dual Blades
Chromatus Transformation
Gaikaku Henshin
Ludger Will Kresnik
  • press the L3 (L3) and (R3) buttons when the chromatus gauge is filled to at least 1
  • activates Ludger's chromatus transformation
  • guard an enemy's attack and then perform a Front Step action (Guard button + Left Stick Forward)
  • performs an attack whose power is dependent when the attack was guarded versus when the guard action began
  • the smaller the time between the two, the stronger the attack
Emergency Warp
Leave Assault
  • perform a Front Step (Guard button + Left Stick Forward) or Backstep (Guard button + Left Stick Back) after being staggered
  • warp Muzét away from the attacking enemy