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Toize Valley Mine
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Southeastern Continent

The Toize Valley Mine is a mining cavern owned by the Lezarano Company in Tales of Symphonia. Its primary function was to excavate Exspheres from the earth and power Tethe'alla's technological advancements. It is the primary reason behind the company's rise to economic power. "Inhibitor Ore", which is needed to create Key Crests, can be found in the mine, albeit behind a large, high-tech security system.


Tales of Symphonia

The Lezareno group dug the mine as an enterprise to sell Exspheres to brokers, who would then sell them to people for their use in machinery. This gave the Lezareno group the enormous economic influence they possess in Tethe'alla. However, all of this changes when Vharley, an Exsphere broker, negotiates a deal with Regal Bryant in which he gives Vharley access to the mine and its contents in exchange for the life of Alicia Combatir, Regal's love. Since then, the Toize Valley Mine has been raided from time to time in order to fill Vharley's quota of Exspheres. At some point after Alicia's death, Regal installs a security gate near the entrance of the mine. Access to the mine's core area opens by a voice print and cornea scan from the president of the Lezareno Company, Regal. Forcing it open would undoubtedly cause the Exsphere mine area to collapse. However, Vharley still continues to raid the mine for Exspheres and even tries to force the gate open, but fails.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Emil Castagnier comes here when he is looking for Decus in the Temple of Earth, discovering that the Vanguard has excavated a portion of the tunnel and connected it to the Temple of Earth. In a skit, Regal theorizes that the mine withstood the demolition because of its sturdy construction. He later gives an order to have the mine destroyed again, this time for good.


  • If the player tries to access the Toize Valley Mine before meeting with Altessa, a scene can be seen at the mine's entrance involving three Papal Knights trying to force their way into the mine. However, the security system prevents their intrusion, and they blame Duke Bryant for installing such a complex security mechanism.