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Tokunaga (トクナガ?) is a large puppet doll used by Anise Tatlin in Tales of the Abyss.


It is revealed in Anise and Dist Gaiden that Tokunaga was given to Anise as a gift from her mother after she became Ion's new Fon Master Guardian. Because of this, the other female candidates for Fon Master Guardian became jealous toward Anise and conducted numerous pranks on her. One day, the other Fon Master Guardians smashed Tokunaga, destroying it. However, Dist, who was in the vicinity, witnessed these events and decided to fix Tokunaga in his laboratory. Among the repairs he performed to Tokunaga, Dist installed a fon-tech addition that would connect to Anise's fonon frequency, allowing Tokunaga to grow larger and thereby enabling its use in battle.

Fighting Style[]

In battle, Anise enlarges Tokunaga and rides on its back. She telepathically controls the doll, utilizing various strike artes. Though powerful, Tokunaga's abilities are balanced with its lack of speed. Tokunaga is able to alter its appearance in battle by equipping certain accessories. These attachments allow Tokunaga to resemble the appearance of characters from previous Tales games, such as Cress Albane from Tales of Phantasia and Presea Combatir from Tales of Symphonia, or characters from other Namco franchises like Heihachi Mishima from the Tekken series, as well give Anise specific stat bonuses. Certain attachments allow Anise to perform additional artes that are not part of her normal movelist, such as Resurrection and Divine Saber.