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Tolbyccia (ToV).png
Game Tales of Vesperia
World Terca Lumireis
Region Northern Hemisphere

Tolbyccia (トルビキア Torubikia?) is a continent of Terca Lumireis in Tales of Vesperia. It is a medium-sized continent and geographically sits in the central northern portion of the map.


Tolbyccia is a heavily forested continent with some mountains and waterfalls, as well as an abundance of rivers, which criss and cross throughout the landmass and spill into the sea. It is separated from the large continent Ilyccia via a canal that is traversable via Tolbyccia's port Capua Torim and Ilyccia's port Capua Nor. Tolbyccia has a heavy guild influence because it yields the powerful Dahngrest, headquarters of the Guild Union.


  • Dahngrest - The second largest city in the world. During the day, the town is in perpetual sunset due to the refraction of sunlight through the unstable aer. It is home to the Guild Union.
  • Heliord - A recently built town that serves as a headquarters for the Imperial Knights. It towers above a water basin below.
  • Capua Torim - A port town located on the far eastern side of the continent. It is home to the headquarters of the Fortune's Market guild and is described as a rival to Ilyccia's Capua Nor because guilds have a strong influence.

Caer Bocram

The fallen city of Caer Bocram.

The Fallen City, Caer Bocram (亡き都市 カルボクラム Naki Toshi Karubokuramu?) is a dungeon located northwest of Capua Torim. It was once a proud city but is now abandoned and taken over by monsters. Yuri Lowell and his allies come here when they hear from Raven that the Blood Alliance might be in the forgotten city. The group also learns more about Karol Capel, who was exiled from the Hunting Blades for his cowardice behavior. It is also the place where the concept of Fatal Strikes is introduced.

Ten years ago, the city was once a metropolis using blastia for everything, as well as the home base of a powerful guild. One day, an earthquake struck the city and destroyed it in an instant, though some buildings remain intact. Upon their arrival, the group hears the voice in the distance warning them that the area is under the jurisdiction of the Hunting Blades guild. Karol recognizes the voice as Nan's, his friend from the guild. Nan, on the other hand, is shocked to see him. When he asks if his fellow guild members, Clint and Tison, are with her, she tells him not to be so friendly. Nan reveals that Karol has been fired from the guild before leaving and provides the others with a final warning to leave if they value their lives.

Farther into the dungeon, the group spots the Hunting Blades from afar and witnesses Clint perform a Fatal Strike, which prompts a battle tutorial explaining the gameplay mechanic. The group soon finds and enters a large room with a giant blastia on the ceiling. Suddenly, the group hears a loud roar, and Estelle believes it came from a monster, which is revealed to be at the bottom of the room. The ground then shakes, making Yuri believe the barrier surrounding the beast will fail. Rita Mordio tells them not to worry, as the barrier is a reverse barrier designed for containing monsters, but the blastia begins to malfunction anyway. She attempts to fix it but it interrupted by a man telling the group they ignored their warning. The Hunting Blades then appear and make their objective of killing the monster clear. Suddenly, however, the mysterious Dragon Rider appears again and breaks the blastia, stabilizing the aer in the area but releasing the beast.

After fighting the monster, the room begins to flood, and the Hunting Blades fail to prevent the Dragon Rider from escaping and falls back due to the collapsing room. Karol is then revealed to be missing, and the group searches for him. They eventually find him being scolded by Nan before she leaves. As the group leaves, however, they are stopped by Alexander von Cumore and his brigade. The group soon learns that Estelle is a princess, and Cumore's reckless actions are halted by the Schwann brigade, which arrives and detains Cumore and his men before seizing the group as well and taking them to Heliord.

Keiv Moc

Scenic shot of Keiv Moc.

The Forest of Keiv Moc (ケーブ・モック大森林 Keibu Mokku dai Shinrin?) is a forest dungeon located in the southern part of the continent. It lies close to Dahngrest and the Manor of the Wicked. Keiv Moc was never seen as very conspicuous because in the past, the monsters were tame and never attacked without reason. Recent events, however, caused by larger quantities of aer have led to Keiv Moc becoming a jungle inhabited by wild monsters. Roots of giant trees can be taken as a way to traverse the widened area. Mushrooms and bushes have grown to enormous proportions. The canopy is dense, and the atmosphere gray and rainy. Monsters are mostly represented as large insects, such as flying beetles or sunbathers. In the middle of Keiv Moc rests an active aer krene.

The aer krene found deep within Keiv Moc.

When the group visits Keiv Moc, Rita realizes that something similar seems to be happening as in Heliord previously, related to the blastia. Raven then appears and claims to be on a walk, but asks the group if he can accompany them. They reluctantly accept this, but Yuri warns him that he cannot guarantee his reaction if Raven moves too suddenly. Deep within the forest, at the aer krene, the group discovers that the influx in aer has caused the recent modifications to the forest. The plants responded with overgrowth and the animals with aggressiveness. The group is then attacked by monsters and outmatched. Duke Pantarei then appears and kills the monsters, while also quelling the aer krene with a powerful sword. After these events, the group decides to depart, finding Don Whitehorse at the entrance and discussing the aer dilemma with him there before continuing the conversation back in Dahngrest.


The towering Ghasfarost.

The Tower of Gears, Ghasfarost (歯車の楼閣 ガスファロスト Haguruma no Roukaku Gasufarosuto?) is a dungeon located northwest of Dahngrest. The tower was constructed through the collaboration of Ragou and Barbos, leader of the Blood Alliance. It is also where the the group meets Judith, who, hidden to everyone other than Yuri, is the mysterious Dragon Rider. Ghasfarost was originally an old, fortress-like structure until the Blood Alliance claimed it, resulting in the construction of the vertical tower. The fortress contains prison cells and storage facilities for the Blood Alliance, and located in the basement is a machine pumping aer into the tower through a long, central pipe. The main tower itself contains several mechanisms to control the aer flow into various floors of the tower, including the top floor, where the tower's blastia is located. As stated by Barbos himself, the tower took ten years to build.

Yuri and Judith first arrive at Ghasfarost to catch Barbos, but he anticipates their arrival. Judith destroys the blastia that was creating a high-speed cyclone around the tower, angering Barbos, who proceeds to shoot her out of the air. The dragon escapes, but its rider and Yuri are subsequently imprisoned. Inside their cell, Yuri insults one of the guards for hurting an elderly prisoner, and during the skirmish, part of the rider's helmet breaks, revealing her eyes. After avoiding the scuffle, the rider removes her helmet, revealing herself to be a beautiful Krityan woman. Yuri thanks her for saving the elderly man, and she claims she was repaying him for helping her friend Ba'ul, the "dragon" from earlier.

After Judith removes the rest of her armor, Yuri asks why she went around destroying blastia, but she does not give an honest answer; however, she promises Yuri she will not destroy his bohdi blastia. Yuri then proposes a plan to work together by causing a riot in their cell, to which Judith happily agrees, giving them the opportunity to escape and free the other prisoners in the process. Afterward, the two decide to investigate the blastia on the roof. In a nearby armory, Yuri acquires his equipment, but Judith's spear, "Brionac", is nowhere to be found, so she borrows a substitute spear. When the two approach a leakage of aer, the Sorcerer's Ring reacts, allowing the two to manipulate the switch. In addition, the Over Limit bar increases by one level when Judith gives Yuri a "Duo Limit".

Outside the tower, Yuri is surprised to see his allies have traveled to the tower in order to aid him. Yuri then explains that Judith is on a research-based mission to investigate the blastia and declares to ask Barbos where the aque blastia core is. As the group is preparing to proceed upward, Raven senses the presence of Duke, who refuses Raven's offer to assist the group. On the way up, Rita notices Judith uses a spear similar to the Dragon Rider, though the secret remains concealed. At the top of the tower, the group confronts Barbos, who uses his new blastia-powered weapon to attack them. As he prepares to deliver a devastating blow, Duke arrives and uses his sword to destroy the blastia. Barbos then proceeds to fight the group using his original sword.

After Barbos is defeated, he tells Yuri that he reminds him of the Don in his youth and that he will make a lot of enemies. He also tells Yuri that he will be waiting for him in the afterlife and falls to his death, putting an end to the Blood Alliance. In the process, he recovers the core from the lower quarter's aque blastia. At the ground level, Raven disappears as the group is discussing the core. Judith decides to part ways from the rest of the group to search for her partner, and the remaining members of the group leave for Dahngrest.

Manor of the Wicked

The hideout Manor of the Wicked.

The Manor of the Wicked (背徳の館 Haitoku no Yakata?) is a dungeon located west of Dahngrest and northwest of the Keiv Moc. It serves as a compound for Leviathan's Claw, Yeager's guild. Yuri and his companions arrive here to find the Don in order to stop a war that will happen between Altosk and Palestralle. Estelle notes that the place is heavily guarded, and Yuri sees that Yeager's lackeys, Gauche and Droite, are arguing with a guard at the front gate about him not letting them in. The guard says their timing is too perfect and asks for them to give him proof of identification. Gauche orders the guard to let them in, saying they do not have time to waste since the Don is here, meaning Raven's earlier intuition was accurate. The guard asks if they are looking for proof that the Hunting Blades guild is after Judith, but Gauche informs him the Don was heading here before they could arrive at Mt. Temza. Yuri soon realizes Judith is in danger.

Droite threatens the guard that they will beat him up and he will be of no use to Yeager if he does not let them through. The guard complies to them on the condition that they have an escort, allowing them inside. Raven thanks his good fortune now that there are less guards, and Yuri suggests they charge while they have the chance. Another guard then spots the group, but Repede prevents him from going any further, and a fight breaks out. After the scuffle, the group ventures inside, where they find the Don confronting Yeager. As they try to approach him, the guild members, including Gauche and Droite, block their path, and Gauche orders them to stand back. Droite then states that the Don is the one who started the situation, leading Raven to believe that something bad will happen.

Another fight breaks out, and the Don pursues Yeager as he escapes. The group finds him in the farthest room on the second floor. Once again, Gauche and Droite block their path. Yeager tells the Don he never imagined he would try anything as risky as coming to the manor, but the Don says that he has made up his mind, and that the world will be a better place without him. Yeager tells him the other master guilds, Fortune's Market and the Soul Smiths, will not like the fact that he ignores the Guild Union's laws for his personal vendetta, but the Don replies that he will face the consequences.

The Don then notices it is daybreak and claims to be out of time, that is if he does not get back to Dahngrest, both Altosk and Palestralle will start a war with each other. Yuri gives the Don an apatheia, telling him it is a keepsake from Belius and they were asked to give it to him. When Rita asks what the apatheia is, the Don says he does not have time to explain since more members of Leviathan's Claw have come, and he leaps out of a nearby window. Yuri says they should leave as well. Raven insists that he should buy the Don some time, to which Yuri agrees, and yet another fight arises. After the fight, the group escapes by jumping out of the window as well, with Yuri suggesting they return to Dahngrest.