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The Village of Toltus (トーティスの村 Tootisu no Mura?) is the place where Cress Albane begins his journey in Tales of Phantasia. Toltus is located to the south of Euclid, with a mountain passage that connects the village to Euclid itself. To he village's south is Morrison's Home, as well as the Catacombs. It also guards the passage to the Forest of Spirits. In the past, it is known as Belladem Village (ベルアダムの村 Beruadam no Mura?), under the mayorship of Lenios. After it is rebuilt in the future, it becomes the Town of Miguel (ミゲールの町 Migeeru no Machi?), named after Cress's father, Miguel Albane.


Toltus and Miguel are bracketed to the east and west by mountain ranges, as well as to the south, though the Forest of Spirits separates them from the mountains. Belladem is the same apart from the fact that the mountains extend far enough that, to pass to the Forest of Spirits, a traveler must go through Belladem first. All of the villages have entrances to the south, and Belladem and Miguel have entrances to the north, with Miguel having a third exit to the west, though the Temple of Lenios blocks any northern passage in Toltus. All versions of the village, even Miguel, are rife with greenery, with trees and plants occupying any free space. A small stream runs through the towns, with their iconic bridge over it.

Between Belladem and Toltus, the town is rebuilt from mainly wooden materials to stone, while Miguel retains much of the same shape but adds stone walls around the perimeter, as well as being slightly elevated, with stone steps scattered throughout the town. Toltus also features a warning bell in case something happens, though the only time it is used, it is far too late. Though the town's shape changes slightly over time, there are some landmarks. What originally is the mayor Lenios's home later becomes Cress's house and the home to the Albane School of Swordfighting; it later houses the Miguel School of Swordfighting in Miguel. Chester Burklight's home in Toltus becomes the home of an old fighter in Miguel, while the general store's location remains virtually unchanged. What in Belladem is the equipment store eventually becomes the Temple of Lenios.



Tales of Phantasia[]

Places of Interest:

  • "Goalie" General Store
  • "Serenity" (やすらぎ Yasuragi?) Inn
  • "Diesel" Weapon Shop
  • "Temple of Lenios" (聖レニオス教会 Sei Reniosu-kyoukai?), dedicated to Lenios, the village's founder
  • Cress's house and the training center for the Albane School of Swordfighting
  • Chester and Ami Burklight's house

Toltus is the hometown of Cress; his parents, Miguel and Maria Albane; and the siblings Chester and Ami Burklight. It is a kind, laid-back town whose people get along. One morning, Cress and Chester go hunting in the South Forest. While they are gone, soldiers under the command of Mars Uldole come and destroy the town, looking for Cress's pendant to unseal the Ancient King Dhaos. In the attack, all of the villagers, including Cress's parents and Chester's sister, are brutally slaughtered, their bodies left to the elements. Cress and Chester hear the warning bells, but they do not return in time to see anything but the dead bodies. As Cress flees to Euclid, Chester stays behind to bury the people of Toltus. Trinicus D. Morrison comes in search of Miguel and Maria but instead helps Chester bury his village's people. Toltus's destruction and the deaths of its inhabitants form the rage that spurs Cress and Chester on their quest against first Mars and then Dhaos. After the events of the story, Cress, Chester, and their friend, Mint Adenade, return to Toltus and decide to rebuild the village.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon[]

Mel and Dio's trials in the Ordeal of Spirits takes them to Toltus Village in AC. 4306, not long after the events of the story. Norn takes them there to speak with Chester, who runs an orphanage. Chester imparts them with his knowledge of orphans and gives them a vase that opens the door to the Mysterious Tower, where the Spirit Maxwell awaits. Norn then takes the pair to Toltus's Temple of Lenios, where they meet Mint. Norn attempts to comfort Mint's heart that is hurt by her inability to heal hearts and bodies, but she also reminds Mint that she has people around her to help her. Bolstered by Norn's advice, Mint remembers her mother's words about finding happiness in living for others. Mint gives Mel and Dio the password to the Ancient Ruins, where they can meet Aska, the Spirit of Light. After meeting Aska, Mel and Dio meet Cress, who reveals to them his doubts about his actions and what can be the fluidity between good and evil, depending on viewpoint. Cress ends by giving them the "mirror with no reflection" that allows them to enter the [ower of the Devil to meet the Spirit Gremlin's Lair.


Tales of Phantasia[]

Places of Interest:

  • "Draw" Tools Shop
  • "Double K.O." Weapon and Armor Shop
  • Lenios's House, where the party can rest

After being sent to the past by Trinicus's divine power in order to find a way to defeat the revived Dhaos, Cress, and Mint end up to Belladem's south. They enter the village, and the chief Lenios greets them. Cress tells him that he is from Toltus and that they got there through divine power, but Lenios has heard of neither Toltus nor divine power, so he invites them to his home. There, he displays the destructive power of magic but is surprised by the healing strength of divine power. Cress believes that magic is the strength they need to defeat Dhaos, and Lenios tells them that Dhaos is now rampaging across the world. Cress and Mint are shocked the realize that it is AC. 4202, a century in the past. Lenios tells them to go to look for the scholar Claus F. Lester and invites them to stay the night, which they gratefully accept. In the morning, they head for Euclid. If the party talks to Venezia's mayor, they can find that he is Lenios's brother. If they give Lenios his regards, Lenios will give Arche Klein the spellbook to the Cyclone spell.


Tales of Phantasia[]

Places of Interest:

  • Miguel Inn
  • "Benjamin" (便邪眠?) General Store
  • "Water Burst" (爆裂 Bakuretsu?) Weapon and Armor Shop
  • "Temple of Lenios" (聖レニオス教会 Sei Reniosu-kyoukai?), dedicated to Lenios, the village's founder
  • Miguel School of Swordfighting

Once Harrison pleads with the Heroes of Eternity to go to the future, they end up in Miguel, one of the few places spared Dhaos's wrath. They rest for the night, and Cress stumbles upon Chester practicing in the middle of the night. Chester confesses that he feels outstripped by Cress. Cress, in turn, offers Chester encouragement, and the two discuss the dreams of their destroyed hometown. At the Miguel School of Swordfighting, Cress can take the challenge to fight five of their best swordsman. If he wins, he is named Acting Master of a style he probably taught the teachers of the very school. After Cress is named Acting Master and he rests in Miguel's inn, Cress remembers his parents talking about the pendant that would eventually lead him to his current standing, while also discussing the decision to teach Cress how to fight. He also remembers his father developing the Dark Blade arte and learns how to perform it as well, in effect becoming the successor to his father's school of sword fighting.

Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage[]

After helping save Euclid, the King directs Fulein K. Lester and his party to Miguel with a stop at Lone Valley for a pact ring. Unfortunately, they are too late to stop its residents from falling victim to the machinations of yet another Demon King, and very few people survive. Nonetheless, Fulein manages to save the twins Velga and Volga Montor, who join him as he journeys to the Forest of Spirits. When Macaron displays the ability to summon people from the past using items representative of them, Claus F. Lester, Fulein's ancestor, suggests going to Miguel's outskirts for something of Cress's. They manage to protect an old man who lives there, and he gives them Cress's bandanna, which allows them to pull Cress forward into the future.