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Torent Forest
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Southeastern Continent

Torent Forest is a serene, woodland area located within the hidden elven village of Heimdall in Tales of Symphonia. It is where Lloyd Irving fights Kratos Aurion in a one-on-one duel, as well as where the Summon Spirit Origin gives Lloyd the Eternal Sword.


Torent Forest is more temperate than the swamp-like Ymir Forest that surrounds Heimdall. There is an intricate network of paths that become confusing if going the wrong way. However, if navigated correctly, the paths eventually lead to Origin's seal, a stone tablet hidden deep within the forest. The group manages to navigate the forest with the help of a strange woodland creature.


Lloyd and the others search for Kratos in Torent Forest, and when they meet him, Lloyd, being supported by his companions, claims that he can defeat Kratos alone, prompting the two to fight in a one-on-one duel. After the fight, Kratos is badly injured, but not killed, instead gaining Lloyd's forgiveness. Kratos then releases the remaining mana in his body and opens the seal to Origin, but Yuan Ka-Fai appears and supplies Kratos with some of his own mana, saving his life. The group then meets Origin, the King of all Summon Spirits. In an effort to form a pact, they then battle him, releasing the seal upon his defeat.