Aselia Wiki
Title Effect Requirements
  • heals 2% TP every 15 seconds while standing still
  • default title
Friend for Life
Rikaiaru Osananajimi
  • cures Poison after standing still for 15 seconds
  • storyline title
Malkuth Nobleman
Malkuth no Kizoku
  • cures Seal after standing still for 15 seconds
  • storyline title
Best Friend
  • +1 Overlimit point every 15 seconds while standing still
  • storyline title
Sigmund Strategist
Sigmund-ryuu Heihouka
  • heals 2% HP every 15 seconds while moving
  • fight 300+ battles
  • listen to all of Miyagi's tutorials as Guy
Hard Worker
  • get 20% discount on all items in Din's Shop
  • talk with man tending field with hoe in Engeve's west section
  • talk to man at the back of Rose's house with 2+ kinds of seeds you find from the search points
  • go back to the man tending the field
Cool Chef
Cool Cook
  • increase cooking success rate by 5%
  • master all recipes with Guy
  • go to Keterberg Hotel second floor
  • speak to the man next to the elevator as Guy
Blade Master
Blade Tamer
  • changes costume
  • given by Emperor Peony in Grand Chokmah after viewing all scenes before the last one in Eldrant
Aquatic Ape
Umi no Saru
  • changes costume
  • find all of Peony's rappigs in a sidequest
  • go to the Keterberg spa
Naughty Devil
Sukebe Dai Maou
  • can walk around spa as Luke
  • go to Keterberg spa a second time
Good Spirits
Ikoi no Haizensha
  • changes costume
  • go to Grand Chokmah and into area with bar
  • approach tree from right side at the Grand Chokmah bar
  • go to Keterburg Bay
  • go to Chesedonia and talk to bartender
Hopeless Dreamer
Roman Chaser
  • increases Barrier Activation Rate for the Albiore
  • changes costume
  • go to Meeting Hall in Sheridan after seeing Ginji in Eldrant.
Golden Knight
  • +2 Overlimit point every 15 seconds while moving
  • beat Advanced Singles Match in Batical Coliseum as Guy
Abyss Orange
  • changes costume
  • in the room before Emperor Peony's room full of rappigs
  • 2nd playthrough onward
Fontech Scholar
  • increase Item Making LVL by 1 after reaching the highest class for a product
  • complete Ant Lion Man, Yulia City Items, Engeve's Defense, Hard Worker, and Financial Investor
  • must have talked to Astor in his mansion in the middle of Chesedonia
  • examine the telescope in north section of Sheridan
Dashing Gent
Smart Style
  • changes costume
  • after Chesedonia sinks, go to Engeve in the Qliphoth and then go to the inn.
  • go to Kaitzur (South) and inside the first house on left
  • go to Engeve, this time to Rose's house.
  • go to Kaitzur (North) and speak to Frings
  • go to Kaitzur Naval Port, enter the Kimlasca Base there to get Cecille's Sword to give to Frings.
  • go to Engeve and into Rose's house to get Frings' Letter
  • go to Kaitzur Naval Port, Kimlasca Base
  • go to Chesedonia, Astor's mansion for the Memento Ring
  • go to Kaitzur (North), talk to with Frings.
  • go to Kaitzur Naval Port, Kimlasca Base.
  • after the Peace Treaty is signed, go to Kimlascan Base in the Kaitzur Naval Port
  • after defeating Van when in Baticul, talk to Cecille at Port Baticul
  • after Natalia rejoins after the Absorption Gate, talk to Cecille at Port Baticul
  • after clearing the Tower of Rem, go to Tower of Rem and go inside for a scene with Cecille