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The following is list of allusions in Tales of the Rays.

Tales Series

Game Allusions
  • The elemental Materials used to enhance artes are said to contain the power of certain Spirits:
    • Non-elemental Materials: Origin
    • Fire-elemental Materials: Efreet
    • Water-elemental Materials: Undine
    • Wind-elemental Material: Sylph
    • Earth-elemental Materials: Gnome
    • Light-elemental Materials: Rem
    • Dark-elemental Materials: Shadow
Tales of Phantasia
  • Spirit rings allow a person to use a "spirit gear" mirrage arte, an arte that borrows power from a Spirit. In Tales of Phantasia, Claus F. Lester requires a jeweled ring to form a pact with a Spirit.
Tales of Destiny
Tales of Eternia
  • Ix Nieves manages to exoflect both Inferia and Celestia at the same time as a single continent. This is reflected by each world's battle theme playing in random battles on the part of the continent from which they are exoflected.
Tales of Symphonia
Tales of the Abyss
  • The story segment in Arc 1 Chapter 3 is based around the concept of replicas. In Tales of the Rays, one of the Shimmeras is able to assume Jade Curtiss's appearance, even being able to mimic his artes.
Tales of Vesperia
  • When Ix Nieves meets Yuri Lowell and Repede, Yuri voices his concern about Ix's desire to save the world not being his own wish, but an order from higher-ups. This refers to Yuri's dislike toward representatives of high rank in Tales of Vesperia that often manipulate and exploit people for their own benefit, a mindset with which Yuri does not agree.
  • During Arc 2, Flynn Scifo works for the Asgard Empire and cooperates with Baldr in an attempt to overthrow their superiors due to their immoral methods. This refers to how in the original game Flynn worked with the Empire and attempts to change its ways from the inside.
Tales of Hearts
  • Since Arc 2, Kor Meteor's status as a somatic, as well as other somatics, is put to use and he along his world's companions participate in Spiria Nexus "expeditions" in order to return various characters to their real selves due to the Asgard Empire using many exoflected characters in their Living Doll program.
  • As a nod to her shattered Spiria in the original game, Kohaku Hearts becomes aloof when the possession ceremony led by Asgard fails.
Tales of Graces
  • The story segment in Arc 1 Chapter 2 is based on several aspects from Tales of Graces, mainly the concept of Lhant Hill and the multitude of visited areas. In Tales of the Rays, Sophie is looking for a "place that soothes one's heart", which coincidentally resembles the flowery hill near Lhant from Tales of Graces. On their travels, the group passes by plain roads that resemble the ones in the Windor vicinity, desert akin to the Strahta Desert, and snowland resembling the Fendel territory.
  • In "The Seven Terrors of Tir Na Nog" event, Cheria Barnes writes a play that will help keep the people throwing their trash into a forest away from it. In Tales of Graces, the party takes part in the play that is based on the classic "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves", known in the game as "Cheri White" due to the lead character being played by Cheria.
  • In Arc 2, Richard is a host to Sigurd's soul, a reference to him being a host to Lambda's soul.
  • In Arc 2 Chapter 11, Asbel once again becomes a host to Lambda's soul like he did at the end of the main arc of the game.
Tales of Xillia
  • The story segment in Arc 1 Chapter 5 focuses on Jude Mathis's medical studies, where he aids the party in finding herbs for Karia, who has thoughtlessly eaten poisonous berries and requires an antidote. This refers to Jude's studies in the medical field in Tales of Xillia prior to his encounter with Milla Maxwell.
  • "The Lord of Spirits & Friends ~Bylaws of the Pinkists~" event refers to the series of sub-events in which Jude encourages Elize Lutus to befriend three girls in Sharilton who turned out to be "pinkists", people devoted to the color pink. The girls request Elize to gather various pink-colored objects, which in the event is reflected by collecting pink diamonds dropped by certain event-exclusive enemies.
Tales of Zestiria
  • The story segment in Arc 1 Chapter 4 is based on the starting part of Tales of Zestiria. Similarly to the original game, the party comes to ruins in search of a shimmera glass and ultimately venture to mountains, referencing Sorey living in the mountains.
  • In Arc 2 Chapter 9, when Sorey attempts to enter armatus after receiving a mirrage from Cecily and being unable to, Lailah suggests that he close his eyes and stop breathing, proposing the same techniques used in the original game.
  • The "Sweetopia Ruins & Cake of the Gods" event focuses on ruin exploration, an important aspect and hobby for Sorey and Mikleo.
Tales of Berseria
  • Lailah evokes a lot of memories of Celica Crowe and her malak incarnation Seres when Velvet Crowe meets her: the seraph tells puns like Celica, while her elemental affinity is Fire like Seres.
  • Velvet's aggressive take on buying cheaply from the White Turtlez results in him turning into Dark Turtlez. While he sings "The Hymn of Turtlez" from Tales of Zestiria, the showdown goes similarly to how it does in Tales of Berseria: White Turtlez is in such great debt that other Turtlez decide to cook him into a soup, but White Turtlez manages to escape and turns into Dark Turtlez.