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Daikyoumeijutsu (大鏡鳴術)

During battle in Unison Attack mode, crystal of a random element will appear. Attacking it with regular attacks will change its element, while hitting it with artes will result in it shattering and activating a great mirrlink arte, a special type of mirrage arte in which all active party members participate.

Arte Name Elemental Attributes Power Max Hits Requirements
Crimson Megiddo
Fire ? ?
  • shatter a red crystal with an arte
Aqua Mystic
Water ? ?
  • shatter a blue crystal with an arte
Earth Disaster
Earth ? ?
  • shatter a brown crystal with an arte
Sylphid Melody
Wind ? ?
  • shatter a green crystal with an arte
Light ? ?
  • shatter a yellow crystal with an arte
Shadow Divide
Dark ? ?
  • shatter a purple crystal with an arte


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