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The following is a list of all mirrages in Tales of the Rays whose intended users originate from Tales of the Tempest. Due to the mobile, online nature of the game, this page may not be complete due to limited edition items or items added in future releases.

Mirrage Name Type P.ATK A.ATK Mirrage Arte Acquisition Method
Min Max Min Max Name Elemental Attributes MG Cost User
Areulla no Shounen
"Boy from Areulla"
Reward - 52 - 48 Zankoushigure Rou
Wind 100 Caius
  • Arc 2, Chapter 8: clear Normal Mode
Chikara wo Awasete
Normal 76 545 51 364 Garou Koushouha
Earth 100 Caius
Areulla no Kyoukai no Musume
"Church Daughter of Aruella"
Reward - 48 - 52 Megiddo Detonation
Fire 100 Rubia
  • Tir Na Nog Valentine" (2019) event: clear Stage 10
Itsumademo Issho ni
"Together Forever"
Normal 54 391 72 518 Arctic Petal
Water 100 Rubia

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