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The Tower of Dawn (黎明の塔?) is a location in Tales of Innocence that serves as Arca's main headquarters and is located on the southeastern part of Naraka's supercontinent, which is considered to be Arca's territory.


The tower was built so that Narakians could return to Devaloka. Mid-construction, a lightning storm struck the building site, causing many deaths, which led to Narakians believing that Devalokians were attempting to prevent them from reaching the sky by issuing such a disaster. The tower originally acted as a symbol for the Church, but it has since served as a base for members of Arca. When the protagonists arrive here, they find soldiers fighting with Arca members on the outskirts of the tower, attempting to obtain the Manifest.

Inside, the group is confronted by Hasta Ekstermi and Oswald fan Kuruela, both of whom they defeat. At the top of the tower, they find Thitose Cxarma with Mathias, who is attempting to have Thitose kill her in order to activate the Manifest and destroy the world. The group proceeds to fight Mathias and defeats her, resulting in her death. Thitose then kills herself out of despair, leaving the group to activate the Manifest themselves in order to reunite Naraka and Devaloka, as well as subdue all of the Reborn's powers for the sake of hopefully preventing future conflicts.


  • In Tales of Berseria, the Tower of Dawn is depicted alongside Sky Castle in the "Fantastic Landscape" painting, which can be obtained by exploring the Asras Sea.