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The Tower of Mana is the fourth and final seal of Sylvarant in Tales of Symphonia—the Seal of Light, where the Summon Spirits Luna and Aska are fought after the group's expedition to Tethe'alla. The tower was originally used as a place to view the Tower of Salvation, but this was stopped when monsters invaded.


Tales of Symphonia[]

During the Journey of Regeneration, the tower's entrance is locked, preventing the group from venturing inside. However, when the key is recovered either from Clara or from Pastor Piccarin at the Balacruf Mausoleum, they are allowed access inside. In the Tower of Mana, there are numerous historical books from legends to theories of healing, such as the Boltzman's Book. Raine Sage finds the mentioned book there, and together with the "Unicorn's Horn", she is able to use the spell Resurrection. When the group looks for a way to advance, as the doors are sealed, Raine tells Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage to step on some stones in the middle of the room. By doing so, a door opens, forcing the group to split in half to proceed any further. After passing a trial with the Sorcerer's Ring, the two groups merge to fight the guardian of the seal. After defeating it, Colette Brunel releases the Seal of Light, and she is taught the Angel Skill Sacrifice. After the group leaves the tower, Colette falls to her knees. When she opens her mouth to speak to the others, she realizes she is unable to speak, leaving Kratos Aurion to assume she has lost the ability to speak. At this point, Lloyd decides to tell the group about Colette's illness despite promising her he would not.

The group decides to camp and allow Colette to rest, and it is at this point that Sheena Fujibayashi reveals she is from a world called Tethe'alla. She explains that Sylvarant and Tethe'alla are parallel worlds next to each other and that they act as an hourglass: when one world flourishes with mana, the other wanes. She also states that, if Colette breaks the final seal at the Tower of Salvation, then Sylvarant will gain prosperity while Tethe'alla withers because the mana flow will stop in Tethe'alla and return to Sylvarant. Because the King of Tethe'alla did not want this, he sent Sheena to assassinate the Chosen. In response, Colette uses Lloyd's hand to say that she will ask Remiel if there is a way to help both worlds. Sheena then claims that, if it comes down to it, she may have to kill Colette after all, as it was her job from the beginning. Colette returns this by saying that she will fight too because she loves her world just as much as Sheena loves Tethe'alla. The group travels to Hima the next day in order to reach the Tower of Salvation.

Later in the story, when the group travels to the Tower of Mana to form a pact with the Summon Spirits of Light, they are stopped by Kratos, who warns them that, if they do make the final pact, the results might be fatal. However, Yuan Ka-Fai appears and tells Lloyd and the others to hurry and make the pact while he subdues Kratos, prompting the group to proceed. When they have made the final pact with Luna and Aska, however, the Giant Kharlan Tree appears and begins rampaging the land, effectively destroying the city of Palmacosta. The group manages to escape the tower before it is also destroyed, and upon seeing this, Kratos explains that the only way to stop the giant tree is to shoot it with the Mana Cannon. The group agrees that Sheena should go with the Renegades to start the Mana Cannon while the rest of the group joins Kratos in infiltrating the Iselia Human Ranch to stop Forcystus feeding off mana.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, when the new heroes—Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, and Tenebrae—escape from Lake Sinoa Cave, Marta explains that they are where the Tower of Mana used to be and that it is one of the holy places for the Church of Martel. Tenebrae states that he is unable to sense Lumen's presence, thus proving Lloyd has escaped. The group then returns to Luin.