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The Tower of Nereg (ネレグの塔 Neregu no Tafu?) is a dungeon located on the northeastern tip of the Nejana Peninsula in Tales of Rebirth.


The tower was built by people from ancient times but remains vacant in modern times, its purpose unknown. The group is tricked by a disguised Saleh of the Four Stars in Nolzen to visit the tower, believing it to be a Sacred Beast shrine. Once they reach the tower, they fight many battles of mini-bosses and are beckoned by a mysterious voice only to be disappointed in discovering that the tower is abandoned and the voice was Saleh's.

At the top of the tower, Saleh leaves the group to fight the comic relief trio of antagonists known as the Dark Wings, who are under the influence of Walto's Force of Sound. After the battle, the Dark Wings retire from their antagonistic role in the game's plot, and the group spots the Shrine of Wontiga in the distance, veiled in clouds. Believing it to be situated in the Beo Plains, the group returns to Nolzen in order to obtain a ship that will allow them to reach the area, which is densely surrounded by mountains.