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Tower of Rem
Tower of Rem (TotA).jpg
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Region Qliphoth
A tower that was abandoned before construction finished. Was intended as a way to leave the planet should the Outer Lands fail.

The Tower of Rem (レムの塔?) is a tower located on the Quibi Peninsula in Tales of the Abyss. The tower formally resided in the Qliphoth and served a last resort, designed as an attempt to travel to another planet in the event that the Float Project should fail.


During the Dawn Age, the Tower of Rem was built at the center of a mining city in case the Float Project failed and miasma consumed all of Auldrant. However, construction halted when the Sephiroth Trees successfully raised the crust in the sky. As a result, the Tower of Rem was left incomplete, as well as left in the Qliphoth, along with the entire Quibi Peninsula.

During the events of the story, the safe descent of the Outer Lands rejoins the Quibi Peninsula and Tower of Rem to the rest of Auldrant. When the miasma resurfaces, Jade Curtiss states the only way to neutralize the miasma is through the sacrifice of 10,000 Seventh Fonists, or at least potential Seventh Fonists. However, Asch manages to find a substitute: 10,000 replicas and himself using the Key of Lorelei as a catalyst for the reaction. Luke fon Fabre and his companions attempt to subdue Asch when they are attacked by the God-General Dist and his "Kaiser Dist XX".

The group defeats Dist and reasons with Asch and the replicas about the situation. In Daath, Luke volunteers to take Asch's place due to his self-loathing feelings about being a replica himself. At the gate, he uses the Key of Lorelei and power of his hyperresonance to absorb the Seventh Fonons of the replicas, along with the miasma. The plan succeeds, and Luke survives by bizarre means. At Belkend, he learns that his fonons are undergoing rapid separation, giving him only a few months to live. Knowing that it will cause unsettlement among the group, he decides to keep it a secret, with Jade being the only other person to know.