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The Tower of Salvation (救いの塔?) is a tower that appears initially in the declining world of Sylvarant after the Chosen of Regeneration receives the Oracle in Tales of Symphonia. The tower extends so high that it is said to reach the heavens.


Tales of Symphonia[]

The story begins with Colette Brunel receiving the Oracle on the Day of Prophecy. Upon receiving the Oracle, the angel Remiel blesses the event by bestowing the Tower of Salvation onto Sylvarant. After all the seals are unlocked, the group travels to the Tower of Salvation from Hima using mounted dragons as their method of transportation. There, Remiel tells Colette that she needs to give up her heart and her memory. The group asks if they could save both Tethe'alla and Sylvarant, and he says that if that is what the Chosen desires it will happen. After Colette is purged of her remaining human traits, Remiel drops his benevolent guise and reveals his ambitions to use Colette to become one of the Four Seraphim. Lloyd Irving and group gets angry at being deceived, and they attack the angelic being. After the battle, Kratos Aurion appears, and Remiel asks "Lord Kratos" to lend him aid. He refuses to help the fallen angel, and Remiel dies. Kratos explains he is one of the Four Seraphim and a member of Cruxis, the organization that secretly controls the world from behind the scenes through the Church of Martel. He reveals his plan to take the Chosen as Martel's vessel, and he engages in battle with the party.

Regardless of the outcome of the battle, another angel appears, and Kratos kneels before him, calling him Lord Yggdrasill. Yggdrasill easily defeats the party, and he knocks Lloyd into a pillar with the power of the Eternal Sword. Botta and his Renegades appear, some sacrificing themselves as a distraction while they take the Chosen and Lloyd's group away before Yggdrasil could react. After escaping from the Renegade base and crashing their flying machines into the mountains, the group sees the Tower of Salvation in Tethe'alla. It turns out that the tower also appears in the flourishing world, and that the Holy Ground of Kharlan, and Mithos the Hero appears here as well. To retrieve the "Mana Fragment" needed to restore Colette to her former self, the group returns to the tower use it as a pathway into Derris-Kharlan. When they get there, they head to Welgaia, the angel city. They talk to an angel and receive a Mana Fragment with Kratos's help. They try to escape, and they encounter Yggdrasill after trying to take the Eternal Sword for themselves. The battle ends before either side wins, and when Pronyma attacks Genis Sage, Yggdrasill surprisingly blocks the attack to save Genis.

After the scene at Flanoir, the group heads to the Tower of Salvation again, but before they leave Lloyd either affirms or questions his trust in Zelos Wilder, based on the choices the player makes throughout the game. When they get there, Zelos openly betrays the party, and he gives Colette to Pronyma. If Lloyd questioned his trust in Zelos in the earlier scene, Zelos faces the party in battle, resulting in his defeat and subsequent death. Alternatively, if Lloyd maintained his trust in Zelos, he leaves before the battle, and the party must fight the "Gatekeeper" enemy instead. The group makes its way through the tower with the group slowly decreasing in size due to a series of traps that prevent some of them from continuing forward, and everyone ultimately accepts being left behind to keep Lloyd alive. When Lloyd is finally about to reach Yggdrasil, he is shot by an arrow and is saved by one of three tokens of friendship: Colette's "Snow Hare", Kratos's "Locket", or Zelos's "Chosen Orb", based on which item Lloyd obtained through the player's choices.

Lloyd rushes into the chamber where Yggdrasill is keeping Colette, and Yggdrasill is about to kill Lloyd when he is attacked from behind by Genis. If Zelos survived his betrayal through Lloyd's trust, he reveals that he was the one who saved everyone from the impossible traps that they were caught in, using the betrayal to work from within to disrupt Yggdrasill's plan. Otherwise, in the case of Zelos's death, Kratos assumes this role instead. Yggdrasil blames Pronyma for failing to kill the whole group, and he battles the party once more. After the group wins, Pronyma lies defeated and mortally injured, and she asks "Mithos" to lend her aid. Yggdrasill, now revealed to be the same Mithos who traveled with the party previously, kills her for calling him by that name. With the completion of the soul transfusion, Martel's soul takes control over Colette's body. She tells Mithos what he is doing is wrong, and she insists that he needs to stop before departing from Colette. Mithos goes insane, misinterpreting her words and her rejection of Mithos's goals as a rejection of the world itself, and he sends the Great Seed away. Kratos tells him that without the Great Seed, the land will die. Fully enraged, Mithos battles with the party one more time, and he dies upon being defeated. Genis takes the Cruxis Crystal as a memento of Mithos and his friendship.

After forming a pact with Origin Mithos self-destructs the Tower of Salvation in order to seal of the route to Derris-Kharlan, leaving the base of the tower that includes portions of the Chamber of the Final Seal. After forging the Ring of the Pact and the Eternal Sword, the group enters the Tower of Salvation for the final battle. A trap separates and transports the entire group to different locations within Welgaia, and Lloyd goes around the area to recover his allies. The trap was designed to prey on the emotional weaknesses of each individual, in an attempt to get them to join Mithos. Lloyd helps everyone break Mithos's hold on their minds, defeating the trap and revealing the "Derris Emblem", which is used to enter Mithos's castle. A lifeless Mithos stands within the throne room. The Cruxis Crystal, having been unwittingly transported to him, restores his soul. Mithos attacks the party one final time in order to achieve his long-awaited "Age of Lifeless Beings", but he is defeated. He asks Lloyd to destroy his Cruxis Crystal, and he informs Lloyd that if he had the chance to do it all over again, he would do the exact same thing. Lloyd and Colette then use the Eternal Sword to germinate the Great Seed.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

After saving Altamira from the Vanguard, Lloyd explains a few things about how he was acting to everyone, including Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi, but to get the full story they had to come to the site of the Tower of Salvation, where the new World Tree was growing. There Emil and Marta meet the blue-haired man they met in Asgard, who Raine Sage reveals is Yuan Ka-Fai, a friend of theirs from two years ago, who is now guardian of the tree. He and Lloyd had been working together to keep Ratatosk from awakening and destroying the world, but he also states that Ratatosk is the guardian of the Ginnungagap and without him, the demons of Niflheim would invade their world. Lloyd then explains they would bury Ratatosk and the Centurions so the door would never open again. He also explained that as the name-giver of the new world tree, he is blessed with Martel's protection, so he was not affected by Lumen's Core. And after that Lloyd and Emil become friends.

After the party splits up before heading to the Otherworldly Gate, Emil catches a conversation between Yuan and Kratos. He explains that it will be the last communication since Derris-Kharlan was so far that they would be out of range. During a second or further playthrough, Emil participates in the conversation, and Kratos apologizes to Emil for his betrayal. He also tells Lloyd not to speak of the meeting between the two.