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Trash Mountain
Game Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Country Calvalese
Region Western Hemisphere

Trash Mountain (トラッシュマウンテン?) is a location in Tales of Destiny 2. It is the remnants of the former Junkland, a town that was destroyed at the end of the original Tales of Destiny.


Trash Mountain is aptly named: a mountain of garbage left behind by the Aetherian people during their heavenly reign. Like the town before it, the mountain is full of used technology, a proper indication of the luxury lifestyles the Aetherian people lived, disposing of anything that was slightly used. Although Junkland had inhabitants, the area is far from habitable, as poisonous gasses envelop the entirety of the mountain. Upon Junkland's destruction, its inhabitants managed to locate an oasis that had formed in the harsh desert landscape of Calvalese, building Hope Town near the oasis.

Nanaly Fletcher guides the group through here on their way from Hope Town to Kalviola, as the normal route is accessible only to the high priests of the Order of Atamoni. Traversing the graveyard of Aetherian wastefulness, the group is reminded of some of the technologies the Aetherian people possessed, as well as how harmful such actions leave in the wake of others. The area is a symbol of Aetherian neglect, the punishment for which was their banishment to the region and its likewise unfavorable environment.