Reid Hershel undergoing the Trials of Seyfert in Tales of Eternia.

The Trials of Seyfert (セイファートの試練 Seifaato no Shiren?) are a set of trials enlisted by the god of creation, Seyfert, in Tales of Eternia.


Proving to be no match against Shizel's Dark Aurora, the Fibrill of Nereid, the protagonists meet with the researcher Galenos in order to better understand the situation at hand and learn what to do next. Galenos informs them that Divine Aurora obtained from completing the Trials of Seyfert can combat the Dark Aurora. They also learn that Rassius Luine, who saved them using an incomplete Divine Aurora, died in the process because he had not yet completed the trials. Reid Hershel, using the Seyfert Key given to him by Ras, decides to undergo the trials himself and leaves with his companions in search of the Seyfert Shrine after escorting Galenos to Shileska's Hideout.

After finding the shrine, the group uses the Key to enter, but only Reid is allowed to pass a barrier that leads him to a messenger of Seyfert. Reid alone completes the first trial, having been forced to see life through the eyes of an Egg Bear Reid and his companions killed earlier in the story, and is given the Aurora Wall arte, the very move Ras used to save him. The group then returns to Inferia and ventures to the Seyfert Garden, where Reid completes the trial involving Keele Zeibel's memories. He receives the Aurora Sword arte, and the group then leaves in search of the third trial. At the Seyfert Observatory of the Orbus Barrier, Reid undergoes the final and hardest trial, in which he witnesses the tainted events of Shizel's past through Meredy's eyes. He receives the full power of the Divine Aurora, being bestowed the Aurora Wave arte.

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