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Triet, the Desert Oasis (砂漠の花トリエット Sabaku no Hana Torietto?, "Triet, the Flower of the Desert") is a desert town in Tales of Symphonia, located in the large desert that shares its name.



The Triet visited in the story is actually the second rendition of the city, as it had previously existed in the location of the Triet Ruins. In the past, there was a failed Chosen in Sylvarant named Nora, who was involved in the destruction of the old Triet. Records in the Tower of Mana indicate that, while Nora was releasing a seal in Triet, one of her priests became violent. This resulted in Cruxis releasing the "wrath of god" upon the city, and it is now known as the Triet Ruins. The Seal of Fire is still located within the ruins, however, and the event eventually came to be known as "Efreet's Hellfire".

Tales of Symphonia[]

Lloyd Irving and Genis Sage visit Triet in pursuit of Colette Brunel and her companions, who left on the Journey of Regeneration without them. In town, they discover that Lloyd has become a wanted criminal for his actions at the Iselia Human Ranch. Lloyd becomes angry after observing the child-like portrait of himself on the wanted poster. The two then go to see a fortune teller in order to find Colette's location. Upon discovering that the Chosen's group has gone to the nearby Triet Ruins, Lloyd and Genis begin to make their way there, only to be captured by people they believe to be Desians and taken to the Sylvarant Base, which is actually a Renegade base.

After the events at the Sylvarant Base, Lloyd and Genis join the rest of the group. Lloyd then teaches everyone about Exspheres. Raine Sage finds a broken Key Crest and asks Lloyd to fix it so that she can use it on the Exsphere she found in the base, a task he accepts. Later that night, Lloyd has a conversation with Kratos Aurion outside the inn, which serves as the beginning of a sidequest that centers on Lloyd and Kratos's bonding. The following morning, the group resolves to make their way to the Seal of Fire at the Triet Ruins, to later return successful. Upon return to Triet, an optional quest will trigger. An intruder startles Lloyd from his sleep, prompting the group to check on him, though this intruder is never revealed. Lloyd has the option of another conversational scene with Kratos, where Kratos discusses Noishe in a familiar way.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Triet becomes a snow-blanketed town, with its oasis frozen, due to the Centurion Ignis's core. However, after Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, and their companions hatch the Centurion's core of Fire, the climate of Triet shows promise of returning to normal.