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Trinicus D. Morrison
Trinicus D. Morrison.png
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Residences Morrison's Home
Age 36
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor •Kazuhiko Inoue
•Unshou Ishizuka
English Voice Actor Jamieson Price (ToP:TA)
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Trinicus D. Morrison (トリニクス・D・モリスン Torinikusu D. Morisun?), usually referred to as Morrison (モリスン Morisun?), is a minor protagonist in Tales of Phantasia. Trinicus is a Healer with some elven blood in his ancestry, capable of using divine power and able to transport people through time. He owns a house to the south of Toltus.


When Dhaos flees to the present, Trinicus, the descendant of Edward D. Morrison who dealt the final blow to Dhaos in the past, stands by Miguel Albane and Maria Albane, as well as Meryl Adenade, in the Catacombs. Using two pendants, he seals Dhaos in a coffin and gives the pendants to the Meryl and the Albanes to protect. Unforunately, years later, he is unable to prevent Mars Uldole from capturing Meryl and her daughter, Mint Adenade, or massacring the village of Toltus, where the Albanes and their son, Cress Albane, live. He only manages to reach Toltus in time to help Chester Burklight, the only other survivor of Toltus, bury the villagers. When he returns home, Mint is dragging an unconscious Cress to his house.

When Cress awakes, Trinicus apologizes that he was not there to help but, after learning that Cress's pendant was taken, immediately heads to the Catacombs to confront Mars. Unfortunately, by the time he gets there, it is too late, and Dhaos has been revived. Taking an attack for the children of his friends, Trinicus transports them to the past using his divine power, fully intending to protect them. After they vanish through time, Dhaos taunts Trinicus for lacking the foresight to send himself back in time with them. Overcome with rage for his imprisonment, Dhaos promptly executes Trinicus with piercing beams of light.

However, in a divergent split from the timeline of the present, Cress and Mint return with friends Claus F. Lester and Arche Klein in tow and proceed to save him and Chester barely moments before Dhaos unleashes his rage upon Trinicus. Trinicus remains behind as those younger than him head to the future when Harrison asks for help. In the future, he has a grandson named Harold D. Morrison.



  • In Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, Trinicus's appearance is one of the bases for Dio's "Morrison" costume.
  • In the game, although Trinicus is mentioned as a Healer and magic is supposed to be dead in the present, Tales of Phantasia: The Animation depicts him casting Indignation against Mars and his troops while in the Catacombs. This is the result of a compression of roles held by both himself and his ancestor, to retain the scene of Edward's iconic casting against Dhaos.