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The Triverse Gate (トライバースゲート Toraibaasugeeto?) is the EX Dungeon of Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R, an optional dungeon of a particularly hard difficulty that features bonus bosses and rare items. Furthermore, the "Triverse" connection among Tales of Innocence, Tales of Hearts, and Tales of the Tempest has been confirmed by Bandai Namco producer Takashi Yota, meaning the game's universes are connected through the Triverse Gate.


Tales of Hearts R

The Triverse Gate is a special location that connects worlds, featuring locations from all over the world that eventually bleed into its own scenery. Before the main gate can be traversed, two auxiliary entrances in the Anders Mine and the Schehera Desert must be cleared first. The dungeon also features "Shadow" versions of the playable characters that require "Shadow Gems" obtained in various locations to be unlocked. Should the player defeat the final boss Faldealmus and later defeat Creed Graphite at the end of the game, a secret ending will appear involving Gall Gruner crossing through the sealed gate at the end of the Triverse Gate. On the other side, Gall meets with QQ Selezneva and several soldiers from Tales of Innocence R, clearly surprised that there is a survivor coming from the gate.

Tales of the Tempest

More obscurely, Tales of the Tempest hints at the Triverse Gate in its original incarnation, having not received any remake thus far. King Areulla VIII uses a strange, experimental magic to hurl himself through space, landing in Areulla. Being of a race known as a Spot, his home planet is the Spot home world. The story centers around his usage of a special type of Precepts known as Life Magic, using gems known as Pensients as catalysts, albeit requiring the sacrifice of many lives in order to do so. He builds this power and opens a portal, hinted to be the Triverse Gate, to his home world, from which Spots invade and he draws energy, hoping to acquire enough to return home.


  • The Triverse Gate in Tales of Innocence R contains images alluding to Tales of Hearts and Tales of the Tempest, which led to fan speculation that these two titles would also be remade. This held true for Tales of Hearts with Tales of Hearts R, but Tales of the Tempest has not received any form of remake, the plan was scrapped.