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True Stahn
True Stahn (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Occupation Leader of the Golden Blade
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki

True Stahn (シン・スタン Shin Sutan?) is a minor antagonist from Tales of Crestoria and leader of the Golden Blade (金色さんいろの刃 San'iro no Yaiba?) private army. He holds clues regarding events that led Stahn Aileron to turn into a blade.


True Stahn was created when Barbatos Goetia stole an ancestral treasure called a "Lens," and was confronted by the town guard captain Stahn Aileron. Stahn could see the overwhelming rage burning within Barbatos as the two fought. Barbatos cut Stahn down, but not before one of Stahn's strikes chipped a piece off the lens. Unaware of the fragment, Barbatos took the lens and left Stahn for dead. Unknown to Barbatos, Stahn was holding the missing fragment of the lens, which manifested Stahn's negative thoughts into a being called "True Stahn," and caused the real Stahn's soul to materialize as a sword called "Swordian". True Stahn went on to found his own army called the Golden Blade, exterminating transgressors by the dozen.

True Stahn and the Golden Blade enter a village giving refuge to transgressors and massacre the whole place. They are confronted by the now-Swordian Stahn and his wielder Leon Magnus, who fight them off. The defeated Golden Blade are then killed by True Stahn, who views them as useless in his goals to demonstrate his strength. Using Stahn's power, Leon is able to defeat True Stahn, calling him a shadow clinging to the past. True Stahn's body evaporates, giving Leon and Stahn another lead on how to restore Stahn's body.


  • Before the version 1.0.6. update, True Stahn was called "UberStahn".