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Unchained Note as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

Unchained Note (アンチェインド・ノート Ancheindo Nooto?) is a mystic arte used by the three Kanonnos from the Radiant Mythology series of games.

Arte Description and History

This mystic arte is first used by Kanonno Earhart in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. Earhart raises her broadsword into the air and forms a glyph on the ground. Yellow light homes in on her as she charges before releasing it all in a swirling pillar of energy and music notes. In Radiant Mythology 3, all of the Kanonnos gain this mystic arte, slightly differentiated to represent the divergent themes and abilities of each Kanonno. Earhart's charging animation is changed slightly to the color green and adds a field of falling bubbles, reflecting her summer theme; Kanonno Grassvalley's uses the color red and falling red leaves, which represents her autumn theme; and Pasca Kanonno's uses pink and falling cherry blossoms, due to influences from her spring theme. All three Kanonnos call this arte "Love Beat" (ラブ・ビート Rabu Biito?) during its execution.


Cross-Over Titles


In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2

Japanese Quote: 今を超える力になるの!刻め!ラブ・ビート!

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

User: Pasca Kanonno
Japanese Quote: 時空そら を越え!今ここにパスカの光を!これが私の、ラブ・ビート!!
Roanized Quote: Sora o koe! Imakoko ni Pasuka no hikari o! Kore ga watashi no, Rabu Biito!

User: Kanonno Earhart
Japanese Quote: 受け継がれる意志…今を超える力になるの!刻め!ラブ・ビート!
Romanized Quote: Uketsugareruishi… ima wokoeru-chikara ni naru no! Kizame! Rabu Biito!

User: Kanonno Grassvalley
Japanese Quote: 永遠の今という瞬間の中に…響け!ラブ・ビート!
Romanized Quote: Eien no ima to iu shunkan no naka ni… hibike! Rabu Biito!

Tales of Crestoria

Japanese Quote: 行くよ!受け継がれる意志…今を超える力になるの!刻め!ラブ・ビート!
Romanized Quote: Ikuyo! Uketsugareruishi… ima wokoeru-chikara ni naru no! Kizame! Rabu Biito!
Localized Quote: "Here we go! The will passed to me... Gives me the power to transcend the now! Catch it! Love Beat!"


  1. The arte name displayed is "ラブ・ビート"