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Undine Stream
Undine Stream (ToE).png
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Eastern Continent

Undine Stream is home to the Greater Craymel of Water, Undine, in Tales of Eternia.


Located in the world of Inferia, Undine Stream is a river northeast of Morle on the eastern continent. The dungeon features a fairly open riverbank that slowly becomes a dense forest deeper within, with stones and roots serving as paths across the water. Small waterfalls decorate the deepest portion of the dungeon, and behind the largest waterfall lies a cave where Undine rests.


The heroes come here when they are told by Professor Mazet that a Greater Craymel could live there, and they find Undine there in the deepest part. Keele Zeibel asks her if the Grand Fall is indeed about to happen, and she replies with a counter question as to whether he believes that a Greater Craymel would actually show itself to lower people if nothing were dangerous. When Meredy asks her to dive into her Craymel Cage, Undine requests some proof of her determination, so she awaits the heroes deeper in the dungeon for a fight. After the heroes make a pact with Undine, she tells them that she is not the only Greater Craymel and that they still need pacts with the others. Instead of telling them where to find them, however, she disappears into the Craymel cage.

Later in the story, the heroes rest in the cave where they met Undine for the first time. Keele explains that although they do not know how many Greater Craymels exist, there are four types: the three basic types of Water, Wind, and Fire, and the element of Light unites all three. Reid Hershel then proposes to inform the King of Inferia because this is a task that his army should take over.