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Anime Concept Urushi.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Isle of Feres
Residences Nam Cobanda Isle
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Dark Wings
Japanese Voice Actor Naoki Makishima

Urushi (ウルシー Urushii?, "Urusi") is one of the male members of the Dark Wings and Noir's partner in crime in Tales of the Abyss. He is somewhat of an opposite to York, being squat and gruff, with short legs, large arms, and a top hat. He also always carries a baton or a can which he beats against his hand when talking to the group. He is the seemingly rough and tough guy of the group, but he does not appear to talk as much as Noir or York.


Urushi is met by the player every now and again and he usually leaks information on what Asch is currently doing to Luke fon Fabre's group. While he does this less often than York, he still is a good source of info to Luke and friends whenever they need to know where Asch is. He is also seen getting into some trouble later in the game, as the player can undergo a small optional scene in Grand Chokmah to see that Urushi has pilfered a woman's purse and caused her to become injured. Although he is captured by the group shortly afterward, they decide to let him go free, and he thanks the group, promising to repay them later as he runs off.