Jude Status (ToX)
Name Lanate
Gender Male
Job Class Priest
Weapon Unicorn Horn
Artes Photon, Holy Lance, Prism Sword, Divine Saber, First Aid, Nurse, Revitalize, Resurrection, Field Barrier, Acuteness, Purify, Nullify
Mystic Arte Fairy Circle

Hello! I'm Lanate, an avid Tales fan and administrator here to help out.

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Game Own Played Beat Comments
Tales of Phantasia GBA
The GBA version pretty much sucked, while I loved the SFC version with all its spell cutscenes. The iOS version was an exercise in frustration, and I squeaked in a win right before it got taken down.
Tales of Destiny PS2
PSX PSX Destiny was all right, I liked it well enough but only because it was Tales. I really wish that the Remake came over to America.
Tales of Eternia PSX PSX PSX Eternia is one of my favorite games of the series, even with the voice acting. A lot of character development for sure.
Tales of Destiny 2 PSP PSP PSP Fun, if a little frustrating. I had trouble dealing with the final boss.
Tales of Symphonia GCN (JP)
GCN I swear this got the same FFVII hype; it's good but not the best. The font in Chronicles is kind of disappointing.
Tales of Rebirth PS2 PS2 None I saw the opening; that's about it.
Tales of Legendia PS2 (JP)
PS2 PS2 Legendia's hands down one of the best at story distribution between characters, and, in hindsight, it is a decent addition to the series, even if the battle system was a bit of a regression.
Tales of the Abyss PS2
PS2 PS2 My favorite. Epic storyline and epic gameplay combine into an epic game.
Tales of Innocence NDS NDS None Kind of on the backburner right now.
Tales of Vesperia 360
Streamlined battle system but a disappointing, lackluster ending to the story. I was only in it for Karol's awesomeness and the YurixFlynn, RitaxEstelle lulz. Definitive Edition = That One Edition! It was fun revisiting this game, even if the prevalence of missables felt like its peak in the era.
Tales of Hearts Anime
Anime Anime A really fun battle system.
Tales of Hearts R VITA VITA VITA I had a lot of fun. The damage scaling is really blatant, but it's fast-paced and addictive.
Tales of Graces Wii
Hehe, I thought it was fun even if the story didn't excite me as much as Abyss did. There were definitely scenes that tugged at my heartstrings, but I'm not a huge fan of the romance.
Tales of Xillia PS3 PS3 PS3 I had a lot of fun. The battle system could be a little tightened, but I liked the characters, the skits, and the stories.
Tales of Xillia 2 PS3 PS3 PS3 I had a lot of fun with this! It's a great sequel to Xillia.
Tales of Zestiria PS4 PS4 PS4 I enjoyed it, though I'm still not so enamored with the RNG involved with the skill system. I do admit to enjoying the cast; I especially enjoyed the dynamics of Sorey and Mikleo.
Tales of Berseria PS4 PS4 PS4 I very much enjoyed the experience.
Tales of Phantasia:
Narikiri Dungeon
None GBC None I hate leveling up costumes, but I like the minor storyline it has.
Tales of Phantasia:
Narikiri Dungeon X
PSP None None Bought on a whim but dunno if I'll actually play it.
Tales of the World:
Narikiri Dungeon 2
None GBA GBA Ditto on the costumes.
Tales of the World:
Narikiri Dungeon 3
None GBA GBA This was FUN. Cameo FTW.
Tales of the World:
Summoner's Lineage
None GBA None I... don't know what I'm doing?
Tales of the World:
Radiant Mythology
PSP PSP Off and on... The ending made me sad. ;_;
Tales of the World:
Radiant Mythology 2
PSP PSP PSP I had fun.
Tales of the World:
Radiant Mythology 3
PSP None None Definitely going to play it when I have time.
Tales of Fandom Vol.1 Mint None None I'm probably not going to play if I can't read Japanese.
Tales of the Tempest NDS NDS NDS Disappointing. F*** only have four spells for your mage in a battle.
Tales of Symphonia:
Dawn of the New World
Wii Wii I like the Symphonia chars too much and didn't really warm up to either Marta or Emil. ;_;
Tales of VS. PSP PSP PSP I understand the disappointment with this game.
Tales of the Heroes:
Twin Brave
PSP PSP PSP Definitely not something worth full price, but it's a decent game for a discount. Playing through all of the story modes was a little tedious though, mainly because some characters (Farah) just don't have the right attacks or artes.
Tales of the World:
Reve Unitia
3DS None None Bought it because it was on sale, but I haven't touched it since.
Tales of Asteria Android Android N/A Definitely fun while I played it, though I drifted away as I tend to do with smartphone games and the like. If you play, definitely find one of the English-speaking guilds if you can't communicate in Japanese.
Tales of Link Android Android Global This was my main Tales mobile game. Played Global from start to finish and completed the main scenario. I'll miss you, Allen, Sara, Lippy, Kana, and Zephyr.
Tales of the Rays Android Android Global Came back to it after Link's closure, only to have the rug pulled out from underneath me too. Finished the main scenario though.
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