Aselia Wiki
Name Patchwork
Gender Female
Class Sorceress
Weapons Tomes
College Textbooks <_<;;
Spell Cards Water Sign: Princess Undine
Wood Sign: Sylphae Horn
Fire & Earth Sign: Lava Cromlech
Moon Sign: Silent Selene
Sun Sign: Royal Flare
Mystic Arte Five Elements Sign: Philosopher's Stone

So. Out of complete boredom, I decided to completely rewrite my user page, which composed of mostly outdated and now useless information. I'm sure nothing of value will be lost. In fact, good riddance! (Also finally putting into practice inter-wiki shortcut links.)

Anyway, hello everyone~! I'm Mayu Miyuki, also known on other Tales communities as Moekaze. I am a typical college student and former game modder with little spare time to my name. I enjoy playing games of most genres, and I should say that I actually prefer the CRPG/tabletop style western games to Japanese and Korean style RPGs, even despite my participation in the translation community. However, visual novels like Planetarian, Narcissu (It's free!), and anything by Minori are still beautiful in my eyes. I am also a writer of sorts, now mostly focusing on short stories and create-your-own-adventure works.

On this wiki, I work mostly on the arte lists for each character in each game, with help from Lanate and other anonymous users whenever they appear. My primary focus within the Tales series lies with artes and their history and evolution, even starting a project to archive every appearance and every translated name for any given attack, to provide a reference and resource that I hope others might find interesting. To be honest, I don't particularly care about the series itself as much as I have in the past, especially compared to my other interests, but we can blame that on both of the very different business practices held by Namdai's Japanese and American branches. In fact, these days I absolutely hate what the series has become, thanks to the JP-induced "Tales Cycle" (like the Sonic Cycle, except worse) and the NA-induced translation inconsistencies and unnecessary name changes (see this and this for some truthful posts by Kaji).

I also monitor this wiki to watch for vandalism and malicious edits, though it isn't as much of a problem now as it was when I joined. Still, I do find it personally irritating when I am forced to take the role of "wiki janitor" and observe almost every edit or page creation, and then rewrite the text accordingly or add the necessary templates, since clearly no one else is around to take the same actions before the offending edits are pushed off of the Recent Changes list (which I already have expanded to show the past 150 changes). This annoyance is compounded when at most three of us participate in any discussion on layout or formatting, while the dozens of anonymous and newly registered users remain mostly silent despite their sometimes helpful contributions to the actual pages. But despite my annoyances and bouts of anger, always remember that I love you all~ s(^_~)=b

Tales Games I Have Played

Tales of Phantasia - SFC (JP + DeJap) completed, PSX (JP) completed
Tales of Destiny - PSX completed, PS2 "Director's Cut" (JP) completed
Tales of Eternia - PSX completed
Tales of Symphonia - GCN completed
Tales of Rebirth - PS2 (JP) dropped
Tales of Legendia - PS2 completed
Tales of the Abyss - PS2 completed
Tales of Innocence - NDS (JP) completed
Tales of Hearts - NDS "Anime Movie Edition" (JP) dropped
Tales of Graces - Wii (JP) dropped

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon - GB (JP + ChangeV) dropped
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 - GBA (JP + Kajitani-Eizan) completed
Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 - GBA (JP + Kajitani-Eizan) dropped
Tales of the Tempest - NDS (JP) completed
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Wii completed

The dropped games are due to me leaving behind nearly all of my games with my relatives when I moved to a different country. Either that or I lost interest in the games due to costume grinding or whatnot. In other words, I haven't played a physical Tales game in years, though I can still 'master race PC gaming' some of them for the sake of nostalgia. Among my completed games, my favorite is Tales of Destiny (PS2) for its story and battle system. Special mention for Tales of Legendia for its music and scenery. Favorite characters include Rimul Aileron (Destiny 2), Ange Serena (Innocence), Farah Oersted (Eternia), and Primula Rosso (Fandom v1).

Other Fandoms

(I use other user names on other wiki sites, teehee.)

Ys + Eiyuu Densetsu + Sora no Kiseki series
MegaTen series (yes, including them Purse Owners)
.hack// series
Touhou Project
Baldur's Gate + Icewind Dale + Neverwinter Nights
far too many visual novels and eroge to list~