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So, yes, I’m Penamesolen from Norway, the one who has decided to take on the responsibility to make all the locations for Tales of Symphonia. This excludes the sequel, of course, as I’m still (not) patiently waiting for it to be coming out in Europe.

Projects I’m working on

NOTE: Because of my computer crashing and making all my files disappear, I've put almost all the projects on hiatus, but will work on the individual arte pages while I wait for the computer to be fixed so that I can get my precious files back again.

Tales of Symphonia locations

I’ve been a dead-hard fan of Tales of Symphonia since my first playround, and I remember most of the locations and the moments that happened there. What I’m trying to do in this project is to write what happens at those places in the game, in the sequel (through watching YouTube XD), in the manga and in the anime. To help me, I have Link5 X, who has been so kind as to add in ToS:DotNW scenes.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology locations

Added to ToS locations, I’m also trying to make an article for Terresia, Gilgulim, Yaoon and Pasca. Even though Yaoon and Pasca aren’t seen, I think it is okay to give them a page each. Terresia, on the other hand, will be in one page with all its locations.

Tales of-characters’ other appearances

This project is to add in the characters’ article that they have also appeared in other games, what games, their roles and so on.

Individual arte pages

This is a relative new one, so I've been working a lot on that. I only work on it when I don't want to work on something else, since it is relatively easy to work on. After having made a lot of articles where the description sections had be be stubbed because I don't know how they look like, I will stop creating pages for artes I don't know how is performed. However, if an arte I don't know about already exist, I will work on it since it then is already created.

Tales of's I have

  1. Tales of Symphonia
  2. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
  3. Tales of Phantasia
  4. Tales of Eternia
  5. Tales of Vesperia
  6. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Other places I'm a member of

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