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Vaclav Bolud
Vaclav Bolud (ToL)
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Age 36
Height 205 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation Prince of Crusand
Weapon Bracers
Japanese Voice Actor Juurouta Kosugi
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Vaclav Bolud (ヴァーツラフ・ボラド Vaatsurafu Borado?) is the main antagonist during the first part of the Main Quest in Tales of Legendia. He is the third prince of the Crusand Empire.


Vaclav is the leader of an army whose goal is to conquer the world. Long before appearing in the story, he sends a young eren named Senel Coolidge to capture the Merines in one Village of the Ferines on the Mainland. Senel eventually begins to befriend the Ferines, and fails to respond to Vaclav. This causes Vaclav and his forces to launch an attack on the village, killing many of the Ferines. Senel and the Merines, Shirley Fennes, manage to escape, leaving Vaclav without any leads. Afterward, Vaclav captures Stella Telmes, and takes her to the Legacy in order to begin his plans for the future.

Three years later, Vaclav manages to obtain information about the whereabouts on Senel and Shirley. He sends his forces, managed by his top three generals, the Terrors, to retrieve her, but Senel is well aware of the attack, and takes Shirley out to sea. Upon hearing that Shirley has arrived on the Legacy, Vaclav sends his scouts to attack the Bandit's Lair. Later, after the party defeats the "Long Long Demon", Senel takes Shirley away from the rest of the party. Vaclav eventually finds them, and sends Melanie to attack Senel, in which she successfully manages to capture Shirley and throws Senel off a cliff.

Vaclav Skit (ToL)

Skit image in Tales of Legendia.

After the events at the Waterways, Vaclav takes Shirley to the Ruins of Frozen Light. There, he tells her to read Relares writing, but Shirley tells him it is a warning to not use the power on the blood-stained thunder. However, Vaclav strikes her, believing she is lying to him. Vaclav reveals a trapped Stella inside a machine, which Shirley sees, and soon agrees to follow Vaclav's commands. When Senel arrives at the ruins, Vaclav attacks the party and defeats them. He then reveals that Senel and Shirley are not related, and before he is able to kill Senel, Stella saves him by sending him to the Forest of No Return. Vaclav once again commands the Terrors to retrieve Senel, seeing him as a source that can help release Shirley's power.

Valclav takes Stella and Shirley to the Bridge in order to use a weapon known as the Nerifes Cannon to attack Gadoria. Senel and the party manages to defeat the Terrors as they arrive, but were too late in preventing Vaclav from firing the cannon, which destroys the "Holy Mountain" of Gadoria. When he is defeated by the party, Vaclav then recognizes Senel, noting the particular eres he used. He fires another blast at Gadoria before succumbing to his wounds and dies, but this is prevented due to the power of Stella's Teriques. Later, when the party returns to the Bridge at the beginning of Grune's Character Quest, Schwartz summons a dark version of Vaclav to kill the party, but he is defeated easily by them.

Appearance and Personality[]

Vaclav Model

Vaclav is a tall, muscular man with violet hair. His outfit consists of horned, black and crimson armor, and he wears two black bracers on each of his wrists. He is a merciless person who desires power, and will punish anyone who opposes him, often using torture. Vaclav is extremely disregarding of life, performing very cruel experiments on Ferines to his own ends.

Fighting Style[]

Vaclav fights using his fists like Senel and can only use Iron Eres, the only difference being Vaclav's relies on brute force and is more destructive by nature. He has access to the base Eres Devil Strike, Rending Blast, and Hell Strike. When his health is at half, he can use the throwing technique God of Pain. When Vaclav's health depletes a great amount, he can use his most powerful attack, God of War, which causes an explosion of energy that knocks down opponents. "Dark Vaclav" is able to use similar Eres, including some of the game's strongest Crystal Eres.



  • Vaclav is a Czech male first name of Slavic origin.