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Game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Leader Brute Lualdi
Notable Members Richter Abend

The Vanguard (ヴァンガード?) is an organization in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. It was originally founded to rally the people of Sylvarant against oppression from the people of Tethe'alla, who thought of themselves as superior due to Sylvarant's less-advanced technology. However, Commander Brute Lualdi, the leader of the Vanguard, comes under the influence of a Centurion's core, and he eventually creates a new reason of fighting. He seeks to revive the Sylvarant Dynasty, a civilization that fell 800 years ago at the hands of Cruxis through the use of an ancient weapon known as the Mana Cannon.


The Church of Martel went to war with the Vanguard, and Sylvarant's city of Palmacosta was caught in the crossfire. Countless innocent lives were lost and the city was consumed in flames. This event came to be known as the Blood Purge, and Lloyd Irving was blamed for leading the attack on behalf of the Church of Martel against the Vanguard members who were stationed at the city. The Vanguard also opposes Colette Brunel and Zelos Wilder, the last Chosen from both Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. Officially, they consider Colette to be a traitor to Sylvarant for supporting Tethe'alla, while Zelos represents Tethe'alla itself. However, it is revealed that they actively sought to attack the two Chosen to acquire their Cruxis Crystals.

The Vanguard eventually invades Altamira, justifying this action under the allegation that the Lezareno Company has kidnapped Brute's only daughter, Marta Lualdi. At the city's hotel, Alice informs the group that, if Marta is not returned to the Vanguard's custody, they will destroy the entire city. She claims that the city has been rigged with bombs and the perimeter of the city is being watched to prevent any citizen from escaping. However, the group manages to prevent the city's destruction while leading the evacuation of the people in the city, but Regal Bryant is captured by the Vanguard. They establish their base within Lezareno Company's second building. Following this incident, they begin revolts around the world to announce the revival of the Sylvarant Dynasty at Altamira, but after the group acquires and hatches Solum's core, the Vanguard is disintegrated when Brute regains his sanity.


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Alice Decus Hawk

  • Brute Lualdi (ブルート・ルアルディ Buruuto Ruarudi?) - The leader of the Vanguard. He began doubting the power of the Church of Martel even before the worlds were reunited, when the Giant Kharlan Tree's rampage killed his wife. When the people of Sylvarant were discriminated because of their inferior technology, Brute founded the Vanguard to raise Sylvarant into a place just like Tethe'alla.
  • Marta Lualdi (マルタ・ルアルディ Maruta Ruarudi?) - Brute's daughter and former member of the Vanguard. She was with while they tried to help the Sylvaranti, but as she saw her father change, she became scared and ran off. Now, she is an enemy of the Vanguard, protecting Ratatosk's core from them.
  • Richter Abend (リヒター・アーベント Rihitaa Aabento?) - A hard red-haired man who befriends Emil Castagnier and teaches him the basics of swordsmanship. He is later revealed to be a half-elf from Sybak as well as the true founder of the Vanguard after Brute is defeated by Emil and friends.
  • Alice (アリス Arisu?) - A cute, selfish, and mean-spirited girl who is later revealed to be a half-elf from Hima. She uses machines run by Exspheres to manipulate monsters to be her slaves, though she does not care about them, nor her comrades in the Vanguard, at all.
  • Decus (デクス Dekusu?) - A supposedly good-looking man who is in love with Alice and wants to follow her to the end of the world. He himself is quite neutral about the whole situation between the whole world but takes the Vanguard's side solely to be with Alice.
  • Hawk (ホーク Hooku?) - Although he dislikes his superiors' brutality, he fears them too much to say anything.
  • Magnar - He is first thought to be with the Church of Martel but is soon revealed to work with the Vanguard.


  • Each high-ranked Vanguard member has a specially designed uniform that combines white and two secondary colors: Alice's secondary colors are two shades pink, Decus's are black and navy blue, Hawk's are gray and yellow, and Marta's are red and brown. The only known exceptions are Richter, Brute, and Magnar; Richter and Brute are both commanders within the Vanguard, while Magnar uses a golden armor similar to those used by the Martel Knights to pose as part of the Church of Martel.