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Venezia City (ベネツィア市 Benezia-shi?) is the lone city on the sub-continent of Venezia, which is part of the Euclidian continent. It is the northernmost city on the Euclidian continent, as well as the only city in the area that has a port.


Venezia City is the only city on its sub-continent, and it is bracketed by two sets of mountains that form a natural barrier. There is only one entrance, and it is to the west, with the east being its port. The city changes little throughout the ages, as it is built out of stone, and its shops retain their locations and names. All buildings are raised above the water level and connected by a twisting series of bridges that converge on its square, which contains a fountain. The city's shops require the aid of a boat to navigate the canals, which requires payment. Venezia is a center of trade, as goods flow into and out of the city. It has supplies of all types gracing its stores, as well as numerous colorful personalities among its inhabitants. The import industry is vital to business, and the Laiott Trading Company has its headquarters stationed here. The city's main draw is its port to the east; travelers can find ships for hire among its crew. The main path is its ship to Alvanista, but there are ships willing to take adventurers to Demitel's Mansion or the Limestone Cave for a price.

Places of Interest[]

  • "Bay Area" Inn
  • "Aqua Blade" (水剣 Suiken?) Weapon Shop
  • "Translucent" (シースルー Shiisuruu?) Armor Shop
  • "Water Front" Grocery
  • "Malaga Ocean" (マラガの海 Maraga no Umi?) Tool Shop
  • Laiott Trading Company
  • Mayor's Estate
  • Venezia Harbor


In the past timeline of Tales of Phantasia, Venezia is the first stop after the party's detour into the Forest of Spirits and subsequent finding of the destroyed Hamel. They require its services as a port to first go the Demitel's Mansion and then to Alvanista. The party uses Venezia to also find their way to the Limestone Cave, where the Water Spirit Undine rests. Venezia is also the home to the Laiott Trading Company, and it is here where Elwin returns from Euclid. Nancy chooses to follow him with the help of a traveling swordswoman. Once there, however, Nancy cannot obtain the nerve to see him, so the party arranges a meeting between the two at the city's fountain. The two fall instantly in love. When the party returns, however, they find Elwin's father Douglas confronting the couple and declaring that a country girl like Nancy is unworthy of Elwin. Nancy runs away, and Elwin chases her, to Douglas's ire. Cress cheers Elwin, and Claus advises they should elope. The couple take his advice and flee to Alvanista, but Cress tells Douglas where they are. Eventually, Douglas learns to accept the couple and invites them back to Venezia to work at the Trading Company.

In the future timeline, Venezia's reliance on imports has crippled it in the wake of Dhaos's control over the seas. The shops make due with trade to Euclid and Miguel, but they are unable to run ships to Alvanista. Because of this, Harrison is forced to take the party back to Euclid and seek completion of the Techbirds to take the party to Alvanista. If the party has helped Nancy and Elwin return to the Trading Company, then the company still exists, though weakened due to the limits on trade. A young man who resembles Elwin works there, as well as a secretary who resembles Nancy. According to a worker, when Elwin was president, he invested in magitech and gave the company enough financial stability in order to weather the current decline in sales. If Elwin and Nancy are not a couple, however, the Laiott Trading Company goes bankrupt, and their building is empty.


  • Venezia is based off of Venice, a city in Italy that is known for its canals.