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Dullahan, an example of venomization.

Venomization (蟲毒 Kodoku?, "Bug Toxin") is a term from Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria describing a process by which hellions and daemons become stronger.


In Tales of Zestiria, venomization refers to the practice of forcing hellions to fight each other to grow stronger; the crucibles of malevolence are areas deeply set with malevolence where venomization was once cultivated. In Tales of Berseria, therions feed on others in order to sustain themselves, and Innominat with malevolence, but when daemons feed on others, they grow stronger. Velvet Crowe and her companions witness this when they return to Titania to claim it as their temporal hideout, but are met with the resistance of daemons that grew stronger since Velvet's escape by feeding on daemon, human, exorcist, and malak alike that stayed there.


  • The term is likely a reference to the kodoku (蠱毒?, "worm toxin") practice of Japanese folklore, where insects would be mixed in a jar and left to kill each other until only one remained. This final insect would then be used to curse an individual.