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Vholran Igniseri
Vholran Igniseri (ToA).jpg
Appearance Tales of Arise
Race Dahnan (formerly)
Renan (currently)
Occupation Lord of Ganath Haros
Weapon Katana
Japanese Voice Actor Shou Hayami
English Voice Actor Joe Zieja[1]

Vholran Igniseri (ヴォルラーン・アングサリ Voruran Angusari?) is the primary antagonist in Tales of Arise. He is Ganath Haros's "lord of water", and possesses sword skills unmatched by any other lord. He harbors an unhealthy obsession with Alphen, using any dirty tactic to spite him.


Alphen first catches a glimpse of him as a hooded man in Cyslodia, where he slaughters an entire pack of zeugles alone. Later, when the party is heading for Mahag Saar, the yet named Mysterious Swordsman (謎の剣士?) ambushes them and have a brief struggle: he is more than a match for them, and Alphen struggles to keep up. For some reason, Vholran suddenly stops, giving Shionne a clear shot at him to stop him from killing Alphen. The bullet leaves a laceration above his eye, but the shot was not precise enough to kill him. Vholran charges at Shionne, who continues to fire, giving Alphen time to get up. Vholran attempts to stab Alphen, but Shionne puts herself between Vholran's sword and Alphen. Vholran chooses to leave when Alphen begins emitting blinding light (Later revealed to be Astral Energy) at the sight of his cruelty.

He later appears after the party has defeated Almeidrea Kaineris on her ship, where his name is finally revealed by the Wind Lord. Almeidrea asks Vholran for assistance, but instead, he impales her on his blade before tossing her into the ocean. As he sees another act of cruelty, Alphen charges at Vholran and fights him. Alphen's mask begins glowing during the fight, ultimately destroying his mask, revealing the crest of the Sovereign in his right eye. As Alphen regains his memory, Vholran rushes up and hits him with the sword, sending him flying. As Alphen recovers from the blow, Vholran kidnaps Shionne. When Alphen tries to grab Shionne's hand, he is actually hurt by the thorns. Vholran mockingly invites Alphen to Ganath Haros and teleports away.

There, the party witnesses his cruelty as the entirety of the realm appears lifeless in unquestioning devotion to him. All of the Dahnan inhabitants ride boats while endless praising him until their astral energy is drained completely. The party rescues Shionne and confronts Vholran, who, after a harsh battle, reveals that he too has the power of a Sovereign. He is ultimately defeated when his ice sword is deflected by Alphen's normal sword, leaving him open to be impaled and immolated on the Blazing Sword. His master core rolls away as he falls, but he disappears rather than explicitly dying.

When the party arrives on Lenegis, they decide to learn more about the Lords from Renan perspective. They learn of a rumor that Vholran killed Urwagil Hildris, the previous lord of Ganath Haros. When they arrive in the Forbidden Zone, it is revealed that none of the Crown Contest victors were never appointed Sovereign at all. In fact, over the past three hundred years, only two Sovereigns were created; Alphen and Vholran. When the party pieces the evidence together, they find out that Vholran was originally a Dahnan, who was re-engineered into a Sovereign recently, just like Alphen three hundred years ago. But since he was more difficult to control, he was placed under the guise of a Lord.

Appearance and Personality

Vholran has yellow eyes and shoulder-long black hair with white tips. He wears a brown and black leather outfit with several belts around his waist. His look completes dark blue cape and large dark blue feathers around his neck.

Due to being a research subject and becoming a successful host for the powers of a Sovereign, he has gone mad, believing that he is the only person fit to rule, killing anyone that did not agree with him. His methods of rule are so effective that the effects of his rule lasts a whole month after his disappearance. He deeply resents Alphen due to his many failures, including his "inability" to die in his own time, and fighting for freedom and equality, values that Vholran finds worthless.

Fighting Style

Vholran is an acrobatic swordsman, constantly dodging and on the move. He has mastery over Water-elemental astral energy, using it to cast high-powered artes and enhance his blows with ice. When he reveals his Sovereign powers, he begins to use more Dark-elemental attacks as well as even stronger manifestations of ice and other elemental attacks.