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Vicious (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Age •Unknown (chronologically)
•22 (physically)
Height 6'0" / 184 cm
Occupation Great Transgressor
Weapon Blood Sin (Endless Torment) (Twin guns) (human form)
•Scythe (Great Transgressor form)
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuma Uchida
Character Designer Miyuki Kobayashi

Vicious (ヴィシャス Vishasu?) is a character from Tales of Crestoria. He is known across the world as the Great Transgressor (咎我鬼とがおに Togaoni?) and is treated as an enemy of the state.


Prior to his introduction, ever since his birth, Vicious was feared via his demonic appearance and powers. Eventually, he managed to suppress it down to a human form, but by that point, word had already got out, and Vicious had suffered constant demonization as a result. Everyone he met wanted him dead. To spite them, Vicious dedicated his entire life to survival, defiance and contempt. Eventually, he came across Yuna Azetta, who became his information broker. Yuna told Vicious of a place called the Nation of Sin, where transgressors supposedly live in hiding. Vicious came up with the ultimate plan to build an army of transgressors to burn the world to the ground.

Following the information he obtained from Yuna while on a search for the Nation, Vicious comes across Kanata Hjuger and rescues him from the enforcers before helping him draw his Blood Sin. Because of his strength, Kanata asks to accompany him, and they eventually circle back to Dalchia, where Vicious coerces the citizens into giving them supplies. He meets Misella after she stabs him through the heart in an effort to rescue Kanata, not understanding the situation, though Vicious is only temporarily incapacitated. After Misella is also labeled a transgressor, Vicious helps her draw her Blood Sin as well, and she accompanies Vicious and Kanata on their travels with the stated intention of preventing Vicious from being a bad influence.

Appearance and Personality

Vicious has gray eyes and mid-length black hair with red tips. He wears a black coat with red lining that exposes his stomach and the brand around his navel. Vicious also wears black pants with leg-long boots. His look is completed with short, black gloves.

Cut-in image for Persecution Complex Tales of Crestoria.

True to his name, Vicious is a malicious and dangerous man with a fondness for violence and bloodshed, able to lay whole towns to waste with no remorse, though this has never been seen before. He is delighted to be considered an enemy and does not mind if others hate him, including his own companions. He even once willingly took the fall for near-fatally wounding a boy, just to pick a fight with the enforcers. However, despite his reputation, he is also capable of mercy, as he rescues Kanata from the enforcers and helps him draw his Blood Sin.

Despite knowing little of how the vision orb system works, Vicious knows how everyone around him "tries to keep their hands as clean as possible" and tries to goad them into taking action and owning up to what they have done. Additionally, he holds a deep hatred for those who manipulate others to do their dirty work, such as Senegal. However, the people who truly gain his animosity are those who claim and/or believe what they do is just, such as Esvanilla. He does not have a high opinion of people who do not try and take matters into their own hands, such as when he tried to kill a suicidal Kanata for giving up on his life, or when he got tired of Nash's complaining about wanting Kanata dead for killing his sister, Nisha, and gave him a knife to do the deed himself.

Vicious is reckless and impulsive, not thinking ahead often. His priority in life appears to be remaining free and pursuing what is interesting, even if that leads to more difficulties, such as when he and his companions needed a ship in Centerport, Vicious spread a false rumor that Aifread's treasure was nearby, attracting a whole armada for the others to choose from, but did not think twice about the townspeople who were in danger because of him. He is also an alcoholic who will not hesitate to drink any booze he happens to come across.

However, the true Great Transgressor within him is a super-powered state. In it, the top portion of Vicious's vest is infused with his body as he grows a long tail and three small wings, each lower one a size bigger than the last, on his left shoulder. His arms and legs are covered in dragon-like armor as a front portion of his hair above his left eye transforms into a fiery horn, and his eyes turn black as his irises turn yellow, giving him the appearance of a true demon. In this state, Vicious loses all self-control and becomes a monster that thrives in the midst of combat, devouring all surrounding life via black flames that he can disperse quickly. His voice becomes softer and more sinister, giving off a devilish vibe.

After realizing that he truly desired to end the hate directed at him, he gains full control over his powers and can warp between the two forms at will, with only his right eye remaining unchanged.

Fighting Style

First cut-in image for Devour The Heavens Tales of Crestoria.

Vicious fights using his Blood Sin, dual pistols with blades in front of the barrels called Endless Torment (終わりなき痛みエバーペイン Owarinaki Itami / "Ebaapein"?, "Endless Pain / Ever Pain")[1], having a similar fighting style to Illia Animi and Hubert Oswell's Twinshot Burst Artes style. He is also shown to be extremely athletic, able to outmaneuver his opponents. His artes hit multiple times and are good at building the Chain Gauge, effectively increasing the party's overall damage output.

In his Great Transgressor form, Vicious's arteset changes entirely. He is faster, stronger, tougher, and way more violent. Endless Torment transforms into a flaming scythe that roars loudly whenever Vicious performs an attack, and his artes become more demonic in nature, making him a true force to be reckoned with.


  • Vicious's birthday is May 17.
  • In the game's limited quest "Late-Summer Sunflower," Vicious claims that he grows stronger as more people are condemned. The truth of the statement is unclear, as it may have been a ruse to draw attention.