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Victor (ToAsteria) 6
Appearance Tales of Xillia 2
Age 30
Race Human
Weapon Father's Swords
•Dual Pistols (Primary weapon, TotR)
•Dual-bladed Spear (Chromatus)
Japanese Voice Actor Takashi Kondo
English Voice Actor Josh Grelle[1]

Victor (ヴィクトル Vikutoru?) is the fractured version of Ludger Will Kresnik eight years in the future, as well as the father of Elle Mel Marta. He is one of the Waymarkers necessary to reaching the Land of Canaan, specifically the strongest chromatus bearer, as well as the divergence catalyst of his dimension.


As a fractured version of Ludger, Victor had similar adventures to his prime dimension's counterpart. He even adventured with a parallel fractured Elle who would mirror his dimension's Elle in the future. Despite being a fractured dimension, Victor's dimension was set eight years ahead of the prime dimension's future. Because of this, even Ludger, Rowen J. Ilbert, and Elize Lutus's time capsule was still buried in front of the Sharilton Manor. Unlike Ludger, Victor lost his Elle when they adventured into her home fractured dimension. Victor and his friends managed to obtain all of the Waymarkers, but was unable to summon Canaan, making them all realize that they were not the prime dimension, but a fractured dimension.

At the end of Victor's failed journey, he became the strongest agent in the Spirius Corporation, holding the top agent rank in the entire corporation. Eventually meeting his lover, Lara Mel Marta, and getting married, the two eventually conceive Victor's dimension of Elle. When the group learned that Elle would be the Key of Kresnik from Bisley Bakur, they opted to give her to the prime dimension as a bargaining chip to allow their fractured dimension continue existing. However, Victor attempted to keep his daughter at all costs knowing that she will suffer the fate similar to that of the other Elle and proceeds to fight and kill his friends, brother and even his father when they attempted to seize Elle from him. Horrified by his actions, Lara's sanity broke, and she died afterward, leaving Victor to raise Elle by himself.

After attempting to raise Elle alone, Victor devised a scheme to send Elle to the prime dimension in hopes that she would bring Ludger to their dimension where he can swap places with him and have his wish to be reborn in the prime dimension to escape the fate of being a fractured version of Ludger. When members of the Spirius Corporation invaded his home and tried to take him, as they believed that he was the Key of Kresnik, much like what transpired in the prime dimension. Victor, after fending them off, enacts his plan and tells Elle to go to Trigleph Central Station, telling her that she will be able to reach Canaan from there. He also left her with his pocket watch, knowing that his prime version's pocket watch was most likely being used by Julius. Once Elle managed to leave her dimension and entered the prime one, Victor entered his chromatus form and killed the Spirius agents.

Victor is found at Lake Epsilla, where the prime dimension Ludger and his friends reach the final Waymarker's dimension and is finally reunited with Elle. While the group is suspicious of him, he greets them casually and invites them to dinner as thanks for looking after his daughter in his absence. To Ludger's shock, he even greets him by name, as the two are essentially the same person. During dinner, Milla Maxwell comments that the food is delicious. Victor thanks her for her comment, and while Ludger concedes defeat that Victor's cooking is vastly better than his, he tells him that he would be able to make great food like this in a decade's worth of time. Once Victor puts Elle to bed, the group decides to ask him who he really is, with Ludger asking how much he really knows. Victor responds that he is a denizen of the fractured dimension, and that he is Elle's father. He also states that the Key of Kresnik is a rare individual, often the center of heated feuds between members of the Kresnik family, and that all he wants to do is look after her. However, he also states that the one standing in his way is Ludger, so he tells him to meet with him outside so that they do not wake Elle.

Victor and Ludger enter a fierce battle outside with the group realizing that Victor is a fractured version of Ludger. Victor, using a stronger form of the Chromatus, is bested by Ludger and the group and is subsequently killed by Ludger. He warns Ludger that overusing the Chromatus results in the user becoming a catalyst, indicating that he was in the process of becoming a catalyst despite being a catalyst and the holder of the Waymarker. In his final moments, Victor hums the Hymn of Proof as he passes away with a smile on his face.

Appearance and Personality[]

Victor (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

As Victor is the fractured version of Ludger, he is virtually identical to him in every way. One exception to this is that his hair is black and covers his right eye, while the upper half of his face his hidden behind a black mask as a means of hiding his catalyst transformation. He also wears a black suit, and like Ludger and Julius, wields dual blades in an underhanded fashion.

Victor is cold-hearted and cruel, using his own daughter as a means to reach the Land of Canaan; however, he justifies this by saying that, by entering Canaan, they can be reborn and live a different life that includes his wife as well, no longer bearing the curse of the Kresnik family. He is also very protective of Elle, going so far as to kill his friends when they tried to take her away from him, and even killing Julius when he sided with them over him. He also wants nothing more than to be with his daughter, going so far as to try to kill Ludger and then take his place.

Victor's chromatus form is visually similar to Ludger's full chromatus form later on. The difference being the following; instead of yellow or white, the outlines glow red. His helmet is damage, with the red exclusively covering the entirety of the right side of the face, with yellow lines forming an eye. Finally, the twin mantles are ripped and tattered. All of this reflects Victor's fall from grace.

Fighting Style[]

Victor Cut-in (ToX2)

Cut-in image for Ritual of Destruction in Tales of Xillia 2.

As a version of Ludger, Victor uses the same three sets of weapons Ludger himself has, his dual swords in reverser grip, his sledgehammer, and twin pistols. He also uses the exact same fighting style Ludger has. Victor can use most of the same artes that Ludger has access to, to an extent. Most of the ones that he does not share are the ones that Ludger attains through his affinity with his allies (except for Muzét's Stun Blitz) and artes that requires the Second Artes skill. In fact, he only has one original arte, Twin Lotus.

Victor is also capable of using chromatus, using the full transformation. In this, he fights using a spear, and most of Ludger's chromatus artes. However, he also has the same limits as Ludger's, reverting to normal over time, or when Victor successfully manages to use Form Destroyer. By this logic, Victor technically has the largest enemy arteset in Tales history.

In Tales of the Rays, as a means to differentiate his fighting style a bit from jack-of-all-trades Ludger, he doesn't fight with dual swords, opting for twin guns and sledgehammers as his main weapons of choice. In addition, most of the artes are completely new, being altered versions of original artes from Xillia 2, despite none of the originals appearing in Rays.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the Rays[]

Victor (ToK)

Artwork for Tales of Kizna.

Victor appears as a stray nexus working under Baldo of the Asgard Empire who secretly opposes his superiors’ actions, one of them being their attempts at recreating fractured dimensions in Tir Na Nog. To sabotage their plans in creating a new Maxwell to harness the spirit's power, Baldo tasks Victor in rescuing fractured Milla from Saleh's convoy and bringing her to the Spirit Sealstone. While returning to report his success, he assists Stahn, Leon, and Kocis in disabling the barriers surrounding Sellund’s Kaleidoscope and holding off Mercuria's group as Mileena and the rest of the party escape with the recently rescued Ix Nieves.

Although heavily injured in the process, Victor later seeks out the party to inform them of fractured Milla's sacrifice of merging with Dana's core, the heart of the world, to prevent it from collapsing. Distancing himself from Ludger and Elle, Victor joins the team as a member of the Salvation Front, motivated by the second chance to save Milla and avoid a similar fate that befell her in his own fractured dimension. At some point, he also acquired an overray mirrage which lets him use chromatus without side-effects.


  • Victor is the title granted to the strongest chromatus bearer.
  • Victor and Ludger can be seen as a form of yin and yang, mostly due to their desires and views. While Ludger wants to protect Elle, Julius, and, to an extent, his friends, Victor kills them all, including his brother, while trying to protect Elle.
    • Unlike Ludger, who partially dyed his hair black, Victor dyed it completely, as it reminded him of the fact that he was the child of the man who tried to take his daughter away from him.
    • The sledgehammer Victor uses is a black variant of the model used for Runesmasher, Zeus Crusher (Fire), and Hades Mallet (Fire).
      • In Tales of the Rays, this is changed to the Spirius Sledge.
    • The twin pistols Victor uses is a variant of the model used for Spirius Shot, with the slide colored black.
  • In Tales of the Rays, Victor is the 100th playable character, although technically he is 101st as the development team considers Dark Turtlez to be an optional character due to the method by which he is recruited: spending 100,000 Prisms in the Turtlez Shop.


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