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Victoria (ToCE)
Appearance Tales of Graces
Race Human
Occupation Major
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Ryouka Yuzuki

Victoria (ヴィクトリア Vikutoria?) is a minor character in Tales of Graces. She is an instructor in the Knight Academy of Barona.


Victoria's father was a former veteran soldier of Windor, and he saved and harbored Malik Caesar when he left Fendel.

Victoria serves as Cedric's guard when he assumes the throne of Windor. Asbel Lhant, Richard, Cheria Barnes, and Sophie fight her in Barona Castle during Richard's insurgence, when he intends to take back his throne, and she halts their progress, but was defeated. After that, she miraculously was able to return to her position as an instructor at the academy.

Appearance and Personality[]

Victoria is a slender woman with red-brown eyes and wears glasses. She has apache-blond hair with uneven bangs that she keeps in a ponytail with a green band. Her attire consists of a rhino blue jacket with gold accents, a solid pink scarf, a white blouse, and gloves. Complimenting her look are white pants with silver patterns on their sides and mid-thigh-high blue boots.

Victoria also has a lavender purple bikini with rose bud ribbons, which is shown during a sub-event in Sable Izolle and during a battle against her in the "Trial of Graces".

Victoria is shown to have a masculine tone and a strict personality. It is implied that Victoria has romantic feelings for Malik, though she butts head with him often.

Fighting Style[]

Victoria Cut-in (ToG)

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

As a spear-user, Victoria relies on close combat. Most of her artes are seemingly Wind-elemental and makes use of her agility with acrobatics and fast movements. Her mystic arte is Meteor Crash.