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Vila Czarheit
Vila Artwork (ToM-ToW).jpg
Appearance Tales of Wahrheit
Age 16
Height 159 cm
Weight 48 kg
Race Human
Weapon Broom
Japanese Voice Actor Minako Inagaki
Character Designer Yuu Shiina

Vila Czarheit (ヴィラ・ツァールハイト Vira Tsaaruhaito?) is a protagonist in Tales of Wahrheit. She is the daughter of a renowned wizard Czarheit (ツァールハイト Tsaaruhaito?). Vila sets out on a journey to find Grimoire (魔導書 Madousho?), a book that has been passed down across generations.

Appearance and Personality

Vila dons teal and orange garments accompanied by a witch-like hat. She has fair skin, blue eyes, and long blond hair.

Vila uses honorifics when speaking with others.

Fighting Style

Vila fights in battle with a broom as her weapon and has access to a spell of each element. She is also capable of healing, curing status ailments, and resurrecting party members from the dead.