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The Village of the Ferines (水の民の里 Mizu no Tami no Sato?, "Village of Water People") is a city in Tales of Legendia.


The village is located northeast of Werites Beacon. During the Main Quest and beginning portion of the Character Quests, the village is covered by a protective barrier that makes the area invisible. The village is small due to the fact there are little Ferines remaining. The majority of the village contains small, salmon-pink stone buildings. The interiors of the buildings have little decoration, and there is little furniture.


Main Quest[]

After Fenimore Xelhes visits Werites Beacon, Senel Coolidge and the others decide to visit Shirley Fennes in the Village of the Ferines. When the group arrives, they are yelled at by Walter Delques and ordered to leave the village. Will Raynard shows him the letter for Maurits Welnes from Madame Musette. Walter, recognizing that the message is important, then releases the barrier and allows them to enter. When the group arrives in the meeting room, Maurits apologizes for Walter's rude attitude and discusses people who have tried to take Shirley. A young Ferines arrives to inform the group that Shirley is preoccupied and cannot see them. Fenimore becomes angry and storms to Shirley's living quarters. Maurits allows the group to stay in the village for the night while he replies to Musette's letter. In Shirley's house, Fenimore tells Shirley to express her feelings to Senel and not hold back because of Stella Telmes.

That night, a letter for Senel arrives in the guest area and tells him to go out to the courtyard by himself. At the courtyard, Shirley arrives to speak with Senel, but before she can express her true feelings, Senel rejects her and tells her he has to stay with Stella. Shirley, heartbroken, tells him that she understands and runs off. The next morning, Senel and his friends are told by Walter to come with him to Vaclav Bolud's Hidden Fortress and leave the village.

Character Quests[]

During the interlude of the Character Quests, the group travels to the Village of the Ferines after hearing the barrier covering the village is being removed by Maurits. When they arrive, Maurits explains to the group that the black mist has been causing monsters to appear in the village. Thyra Welzes storms into Maurits's house and begins yelling at Shirley for becoming friends with the Orerines. Senel and the others question Thyra's actions, but she runs out the room in fear. After these events, Thyra's hatred for Shirley and the Orerines accidentally summons a "Galf Fiend" to attack the village. The group is forced to fight the monster, and they defeat it. Afterward, the Summon Spirit Shadow appears before Grune and is then placed in the village. Shirley tells Thyra that apologizing for Fenimore's death will not bring her back, but she hopes they will eventually become friends.