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Vincent Bridges
Vincent Bridges
Game Tales of the Tempest
Hometown Janna
Race Human
Occupation Pope
Japanese Voice Actor Kobishi Kobayashi
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Vincent Bridges (ヴィンセント・ブリッジス Vinsento Burijjisu?) is one of the central antagonists in Tales of the Tempest, serving the Church as its Pope.


Years prior to the events of the story, Vincent had two children with a Leymon woman, Melissa Bridges, their children being half-Leymon. Unable to be with her due to the difference in their race, they lived separately. He raised their youngest son, Lukius Bridges, while she raised their oldest, Caius Qualls. She was hunt down by the Church but entrusted Caius to Ramrus Qualls prior to her death. Some time thereafter, Vincent began following King Areulla VIII's orders to gather Pensients in exchange for eventually being able to use Life Magic to resurrect his dead wife.

The protagonists confront Vincent in the Church's cathedral in Janna to put an end to the unlawful hunting of Leymon and gathering of Pensients, and after his defeat, he returns to his senses, having been possessed by a Spot. He then urges the group to visit a man named Couber in Adelhabith to learn more about the world's current crisis. Rommy then appears and kills him.

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