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Vinheim (ヴェントヘイム Ventoheimu?) is Mithos Yggdrasill's castle, located in the depths of Derris-Kharlan in Tales of Symphonia.


The interior of the castle contains two spiraling staircases, a balcony, a throne room, a lounge, a library, and a rooftop-connecting bridge. It serves as the game's final dungeon and location of the last battle. The mandatory part of the castle is short and consists of passing through the entrance room, defeating a dragon guarding a large door, and entering the throne room, where Mithos awaits. However, hidden in the castle are various powerful weapons and armor, as well as the Past and Future Stones. By finding these stones and completing a puzzle, it is possible to obtain the "Sacred Stone". This stone allows the group to teleport back to the Tower of Salvation and Forbidden Anamnesis, which can be accessed through the "Forbidden Tome of Demon Lords" in Sybak's library.


  • Vinheim is the game equivalent of Vanaheimr (Old Norse for "home of the Vanir" aka gods) in Norse Mythology.
  • Vanaheimr was the place where the 9 Vanir resided; mirroring Vinheim as Mithos' residence.