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A vision orb as it appears in Tales of Crestoria.

The vision orb (ビジョンオーブ bijon'oobu?) is an item in Tales of Crestoria.


Seventy years prior to the beginning of the game, the goddess Kasque created the vision orbs by tapping into the same mana that birthed incarnations, and bestowed them unto humanity, with each person given one upon birth. It is later revealed that the reason Kasque created the vision orbs was because she wanted to retire as a goddess. The vision orb is used as a video camera that can display its footage to vision central. It is often used to make public speeches and reveal crimes. If a great many people plead the criminal to be condemned, the criminal hears the voices in their head shouting for them to be punished as their vision orb temporarily turns red before exploding, and is replaced with the Stain of Guilt. However, it is possible to edit the footage before uploading it to vision central, allowing criminals to walk free without raising suspicion. The possibility that they may be condemned as transgressors themselves has instilled a great fear of the vision orbs into the hearts of many, resulting in them growing eager to lash out at others. They also see the vision orb as a tool to make whoever they hate suffer. Because of this, it is almost a definite guarantee that whoever is shown on the vision orbs is instantly condemned. However, it is possible for the culprit not to be condemned after a crime has been projected. Instead, they are gathered by Medagal's Order of Knights to be tried in person.