Aselia Wiki
Vista Point
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

Vista Point is a location in Tales of Legendia, located just north of the Hidden Fortress. The area is a simple field of flowers with a lone tree sitting on the edge of a cliff, providing a grand view of the nearby ocean.


Main Quest

At the end of the Battle of the Bridge Plain, Harriet Campbell and Pippo look out at the ocean when Grune arrives. Harriet tells Grune that she stumbled onto the place, and she expresses how wonderful the view is and how beautiful the flowers are. Grune agrees, but she says the serene area also feels sad, as if the sea is crying.

Character Quests

Harriet is first seen here at the beginning of Will Raynard's Character Quest, searching for a certain flower, and she finds a flower bud still unopened. Prior to the events of the story, Will and Amelia Campbell spent their time together here talking about naming their child, and in a later memory, it is revealed that Will made a promise to protect these flowers as one of Amelia's last wishes. One night, Will notices that some of the flowers have not yet bloomed, and that some others were dead. He begins to wonder if it is the soil or water, when suddenly, a black mist appears. A mysterious woman appears before him and suddenly disappears. He then notices the ground become cold due to the influence of the mist. After reaffirming his promise to protect the flowers for Amelia, he leaves.

After dealing with the dilemma in the Waterways, Will finds Harriet at the same flower field. He tells her that Amelia loved this place, and whenever something happened, she always came here, no matter what she felt. He also explains that she came here one time when they argued about her cooking. Will then asks Harriet to come live with him, and she agrees. A lunar eclipse then appears, and Will states that what he and Amelia loved most about the flower was that it only blooms during this particular time. He also says that the name of the flower was something the two of them named together, and that only the flower knows when it will shine the brightest, when it will proclaim its beauty.

The flowers then bloom and glow in a bright light. Harriet begins to cry at the sight of them, and Will tells her to keep watching. The entire field then glows, and Will places one of the flowers on Harriet's head. He explains that the flower crystallizes in light, even in the weak light of the moon. Harriet then realizes that her hairpin was actually the flower that was glowing here. Will tells her that he is very grateful to have met Amelia, for if they had not met, he would not have known about this, either.