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Appearance Tales of Innocence
Race Deity
Japanese Voice Actor Yuki Matsuoka
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Vritra (ヴリトラ Vuritora?) is a dragon goddess who served as one of Asura's companions in Tales of Innocence. Her reincarnation is Hermana Larmo.


Vritra is first seen during a flashback with Asura and Inanna, congratulating him for winning the war against Ratio. When Hermana meets the group, she explains that she was the majestic dragon in her past life, revealing that, after the destruction of Devaloka, Vritra survived and was left alone to roam the heavens for thousands of years. During this time, she visited Cerberus, who guarded the Manifest, as he suffered from loneliness as well. Hermana later confides in Ange Serena that Vritra despised her eternal body, unable to die at will.

Vritra was the one whom cared for Asura since his birth, having fed and bathed him. Asura was born from the earth, and upon hearing his cries, Vritra dug him up from the soil and cared for him thereafter as a mother would. Vritra herself was born from fire and had no family, though there were others of her particular race despite the numbers being few. As a deity, Vritra was worshiped by the ancient people of Galpos, who revered water due to the typhoons and floods that affected the country. Although Vritra's longevity is never specifically measured, Hermana states that she was born not long after the creation of Devaloka, therefore having existed since the beginning of the world.

Appearance and Personality[]

Hermana Cut-in (ToI-R) 2

Cut-in image for Seiryuu Houtenretsu in Tales of Innocence R.

Vritra is a large and majestic goddess with a fox-like face and dragon-like body. She has green, curled horns; red eyes; and white, luminescent skin with colorful, feather-like scales protruding along her back. Vritra wears a hint of red eye shadow and has long, blond hair that trails into several ponytails. Her long body ends in a tail of blond hair, and her arms and legs are adorned with light-orange nails. Vritra's serene appearance compliments her mother-like demeanor, though her loneliness after the destruction of Devaloka is painted as a mournful time for her.


Vritra Skit (ToI)