Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Race Deity
Japanese Voice Actor Kohei Fukuhara
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Vulcan (バルカン Barukan?) is the fire god of forgery in Tales of Innocence. He forged the legendary weapons Durandal and Gae Bolg. Unlike many Devalokians, Vulcan never reincarnated.


Birth of Durandal

Vulcan is first mentioned when the group arrives in Garam, with Ange Serena commenting how the volcanoes in the region have become deified as a homage to Vulcan. Her subsequent comments on the region's unique faith leave Spada Belforma pondering its familiarity to him. When the group later enters the Kelm Volcano, Spada experiences a flashback that depicts Vulcan forging Durandal. In the scene, Vulcan imbues a soul into the sword, naming him and giving him life. Durandal is born but wonders where he is and who Vulcan is. When Vulcan explains that he is Durandal's father, Durandal asks why he was born. Vulcan explains that it is so more people can live, but that Durandal must find the right owner.

Durandal wonders whether a mere sword can really save lives, so Vulcan assures him that he put all his hope into creating Durandal, and that he once forged the world's most powerful spear with the ability to pierce anything. However, Vulcan states that he was wrong and misunderstood the meaning of power, believing it to be a weapon's proficiency on the battlefield. Durandal wonders how the spear could possible be deemed a failure since a weapon's purpose is to slaughter, so Vulcan again elaborates, explaining that a weapon's nature has nothing to do with its quality, which ignores the user. He then explains that the spear went mad with the wrong kind of power, drunk with the blood of its users, and began taking the lives of both friend and foe. Vulcan comments that the spear was a failed product of misunderstood power created by a foolish smith. When Durandal asks what the spear is called, Vulcan replies with "Gae Bolg".

Sad Goodbye

A later flashback depicts Vulcan again with Durandal, this time informing him that it is time they part ways, and that he will be transported to Ratio. Although Durandal is happy, Vulcan seems hesitant, so Durandal encourages him by stating the sword he forged will be used in war. However, Vulcan states that he is sick of war and sick of making a living from it. Durandal then asks how the war between Ratio and Sensus began, so Vulcan explains that it was because of Ratio that Devaloka and Naraka split, resulting in Devaloka losing its balance and being forced to reap souls from Naraka in order to maintain this balance. Durandal then asks if the people of Sensus are more open-minded, but Vulcan stresses that they are just as barbaric, leaving Durandal to ask which side is right. Vulcan replies that it is his decision as a sword to draw that conclusion and will one day find a rightful owner. Vulcan then bids Durandal farewell before urging him to end the seemingly-eternal war.